1. Anal Beach Party

    Date: 4/15/2018, Categories: Anal, Group Sex, Taboo, Author: sexykamel, Source: xHamster

    friction filled the tent. I was moaning and squealing, &#034Uh huh,&#034 as he pounded my asshole. He was talking dirty which only increased my lust for his dick. He then reached inside the back of my hoodie and grabbed my bra strap like a jockey holding onto his horse's reins. &#034Oh fuck. Take that dick baby. Take it all in your ass. It's so fuckin tight and good,&#034 are some of the comments he was making which caused me to orgasm full f***e. As I growled into my sl**ping bag, Justin stopped thrusting so he feel my rectum contract around his pole. As soon my orgasm subsided, he would start back up. This went on several minutes before he wanted to change positions. I was impressed with his stamina and we both slipped into the same sl**ping bag. I was on my side and Justin put himself back in me while snuggling up against my back. He was fucking me much slower now while kissing the back of my neck and smelling my hair. He was very sensual and also rubbed my clit with his hand. I couldn't believe how good getting fucked in the ass felt and why I hadn't been doing it before then. I can't ...
    remember but I either had two or three more orgasms that way before it was my turn to take control, &#034Lay down on your back. I want to ride you.&#034 Justin did as I requested and it was my turn to mount him. I squatted down while holding his cock, trying to make sure it went into the correct hole. I had found my target and was now sitting down, completely impaled on his cock. We locked hands so that I could get better leverage. I began to bounce on that dick and ride him like a well-trained cowboy. Oh my god it felt amazing! The vibrations of us fucking was just about to cause me to squirt when Sebastian appeared in the mesh opening of the tent and said, &#034What the hell guys? Are you about done, Britt? It's been an hour!&#034 I chimed in while I sighed in pleasure, &#034Not yet, baby. Just about done. This is amazing. Let me get a little more.&#034 He huffed as he walked away and I thought to myself, to heck with him, he's the one who instigated this whole arrangement and now he can't get mad when it backfires in his face. He didn't like that I was cumming so much on his cousins' pricks.