1. Life's a Beach

    Date: 4/16/2018, Categories: Masturbation, Mature, Taboo, Author: Itheswag, Source: xHamster

    it strike her face. Eyes closed she opened her mouth drinking down the hot liquid as her fingers drove her towards her orgasm. She moaned deep in her throat as her pussy clamped around her buried fingers and she came. Billy watched his mom's piss covered body rock to her orgasm, wrapping his hand around his hard cock he started to masturbate, his own orgasm quickly coming. As her orgasm subsided Mary opened her eyes to the sight of her son rapidly pumping his cock. As she watched his cum shot from his cock-head to splatter on her face and breasts, she smeared it onto her urine covered breasts as more splattered onto her stomach. She looked on as Billy milked the last of his jism from his cock before falling to the floor beside her. Taking Billy's head she guided his mouth to her cum and urine coated breasts. Billy greedily licked the piss and jism from his mom's breasts savouring the combined taste before moving up to kiss her deeply. Reaching down he slid his hard cock between her pussy lips into her hot tight fuck-tunnel. Mary cried out in pleasure as she felt her son's weight on her, his cock sliding deep into her womb. Wrapping her legs around his back she pulled him ball deep into her. They lay still for a while savouring the feel, mother and son joined in mutual need and desire. Mary started to move her hips, rubbing her engorged clitoris over her son's fuck rod as it moved within her. Together they increased ...
    their pace as the fire once more built within them. Faster and faster until Billy's cock was pistoning into his mom's cunt, their ears filled to the sound of flesh against flesh and moans of desire. &#034O god yes Billy, fuck your mommy, ram your hot hard cock deep into my cunt, flood my womb with your baby making sperm. Fuck me harder Billy, harder&#034 Billy couldn't believe what his mom was saying, yet the idea of filling his mom with fertile cum turned him on even more. The image of her pregnant with his c***d sent him over the edge and he flooded her womb with his cum. Moments later Mary rocked to her orgasm, filling the bathroom with her screams of pleasure as she felt Billy's sperm flood into her. Epilogue Later lying cradled in her son's arms in bed, the feel of fresh sperm trickling from her well fucked pussy, Mary looked at his face. &#034I think you should go away to college, if we sell this place we can move where no one knows us&#034 &#034Are you sure mom?&#034 &#034Yes Billy and if you like we could live as a married couple&#034 &#034I love you mom&#034 &#034I love you Billy and …….&#034 Billy slid his once more erect cock into his mom's dripping pussy, looking into her eyes he kissed her. &#034The thought of having my baby doesn't worry you&#034 &#034God no Billy, I want you to make a baby with me&#034 Gently they made love, the unsure future spread before them, filled with their taboo relationship.