1. Jade's new life

    Date: 4/16/2018, Categories: Science-Fiction, Drug, Teen, Trans, Trans, Author: EthanTheStoryTeller, Source: sexstories.com

    tight that made her squeal, and turned her around. Pushing her head on the wall with his hand, he settled his rock hard dick on her asshole. And without any further foreplay rammed his 8 inch dick right into her tight asshole. "AAAAghghhhhhhh Please fuck me. Please Don't stop." Squealed Jade. John kept thrusting with full speed, as his hand jerked her massive dick from the back. He pulled out his dick, and Jade turned around in no time, with anger bursting through her eyes, as she spoke with a gritted teeth, which made John's spine go cold, "I didn't ask you to stop, you retard". And with that she grabbed his cock and placed it her asshole. Placing her hands on his asscheeks, she pulled him hard inside her, making her cry. She wrapped her legs around him as John kept fucking her ass with full speed. She jerked herself off as John fucked her. "I am going to cum babe. Am gonna cum." John panted. "Cum inside me. I am going to cum too. Please fuck me. mmmmmmmm" Bringing his thrusts to full speed John slammed hard and deep some more times before unloading his balls inside Jade's asshole. Jade increased her speed of thrusts too, and soon enough she was spurting loads of her cum on her own face. She smiled at John, before passing out. Jade opened her eyes, to find herself at the back of a car. Dressed in her school dress, wearing boxers under her skirt to hide the semi erect cock. Her school bag was kept beside her on the seat. The two men were at the front. She moaned as she woke up. One of the guy looked back. Gave a small smile and told the other, "Well i didn't know that thing kept her hard for so long." Jade, looked out of the window, she knew this road. In the next block, right turn, the third house was where she lived. As they passed, Jade could see pictures stuck on every passing tree and every post. As the car took the right turn, Jade caught a glimpse of the nearest tree around the corner which also had a picture stuck on it. And to her horror, that was her.....