1. The Island, Chapter 31

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    Chapter 31 Horace and his crew were busily working on the shark fence when we finished eating, and I pitched in for a couple of hours. Once we had the poles all cut and attached to a line, we were ready to string the thing up. We loaded it onto the raft, poles hanging over the edges, and paddled out to the break in the reef. Christopher, John and Jessica had agreed to be the in-the-water crew, and the raft was pretty overloaded on the way out. Jessica was looking fine in her yellow bikini, and the boatful of men tried not to ogle her as we sat, crammed together in the close confines of the raft. At least the older men did; Chris and John seemed to have some trouble keeping their eyes off her. She didn’t seem to mind, however, and preened for them as we made our way across the lagoon. When we got to the other side, I dove in and swam for the smaller, left-hand side of the reef, towing the cable connected to the floats and fencing. We had used cables from inside the plane’s wings, and tied them around the necks of several plastic drink bottles. These in turn were secured to the tops of bamboo poles which dangled below. The lower ends of the poles had been tied in a regular spacing by more cable, which was weighted down by various chunks of metal from the plane. I climbed on top of a coral head carefully, and found a mushroom-shaped protrusion around which to tie off my end. Horace and Dkembe stayed in the raft and arranged the poles across the gap, while Stu tightened the ... other end of the rope and tied it off on the other side of the reef. The teens swam around the entire assembly, spacing out the poles and securing them underwater to the reef and sand bottom so they wouldn’t wave around too much with the current. When we were done, I felt we had a pretty good deterrent against shark incursions. It would be possible for a shark to get through, but he would have to be pretty determined. At the same time, it left room for smaller fish, which we depended on for food, to slip through the poles. We wearily paddled back to shore, and since Chris and John were pretty beat, I took over the difficult task of eyeing Jessica’s erect nipples and the dark shadows of her areolae through her nearly transparent bikini top. I’ve always been willing to pitch in and help where needed. When we reached the sand, we pulled the raft ashore and went our separate ways. I took a brief nap, and when I awoke the sun was low in the sky. The explorers had returned, and were talking about their trip with a small audience while the cooks prepared the shark steaks for cooking. I noticed they had saved the skin, which I had heard could be used as sandpaper in a pinch. Janie was deep in conversation with Alyssa when I spotted her, but before I could reach them, the teen had scampered off. Janie collared Jared to let him know we would be off the beach for the night, and she and I began collecting gear we might need. After packing up some water bottles, clothing, and a couple of ...