1. A Back Massage Turns Into Cousin Incest

    Date: 8/13/2016, Categories: Fiction, First Time, Incest, Teen, Teen, First Time, Teen, Author: Unknown user, Source: sexstories.com

    This is truly a work of fiction that has sadly not taken place yet. Classes had just let out for summer and I had just gotten out of my junior year. I was decently fit, not too skinny or fat, and not too strong, but not weak either. During my first few years of puberty, I grew in length from about 3 inches, hard, to 8 inches at 18 years old. Quite a few hours were spent the first day releasing some pent up energy, held up from over 6 months of a dry run. The first two weeks droned on, filled with boredom. I had just gotten home from a morning walk and was about to begin reading when my phone vibrated. It was my cousin, Jen, who told me she and her family were coming over. Now I normally don’t become a hormone driven teen, but my cousin was the exception. We share close birthdays and she also had just gotten out of her junior year. The only reason I consider her the exception is that she always wears extremely tight clothes that cling to her slender teen body, not in a slutty way, but in one that compliments her features. Today, she was wearing these tight athletic shorts that rode up almost all the way up her thigh. The top she had just hugged her chest, her teenage tits filled the top just enough to give a show. The rest of her family included a two year-younger brother and her two parents. While her parents and brother crowded to watch a soccer game on TV, I escaped to my room. I pulled out my book and tried to read, only to find myself thinking about my hot cousin in the ... living room. I remembered back to when we were younger and where in the “exploratory” phase. Countless visits ended up with “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” It wasn’t until years later that I would understand what had actually happened. As I snapped out of my flashback, I noticed Jen was closing the door to my room. Now, for the last few times that I have seen my cousin, we talked about school and friends and other problems. Eventually, I got bored. So when she walked in, all I could think was “Oh great, time to hear another rant.” To my surprise she simply sat down on my bed and pretty much crashed. All she did was lie down and close her eyes. She stayed like that for at least an hour, until she got up and asked me if she could use a pillow and go to sleep. I suggested she use the blanket she was on top of, but she refused to get up, saying her back was killing her. She asked me to just pull it out from under her. As I did, she whined in short gasps that you hear in porn vids. I immediately got hard, looking at my cousin and hearing her moan like that was too much. As she was falling asleep, her brother came in and said that he and his parents were going out to eat and watch the game. I simply nodded and he left. When Jen finally woke up again, she complained more about her back. Once again, her short whimpers brought me to attention. She asked me to give her a massage. While I knew it wasn’t a good idea, how could I resist. I got on my knees to the side of her and ...