1. Cherry (chapter 3)

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    *note* the dom/sub tag is more of a "???dom/sub???" tag... Cherry the Cheerleader is written for LuckyMann and is dedicated to him. Chapter 3 “Where is she?! Where is my daughter?!” Cherry’s mother began interrogating me. I remained calm and said, “She is where she is supposed to be: she is at school.” Wishing to avoid creating a scene for the neighbors to gossip about, I motioned to the other doors close by and invited the clearly angry and worried woman inside to talk. I had a few questions of my own for her (like how she knew where to find my apartment, for one). She looked at the other apartment doors and understood what I was saying and agreed to come inside. I turned to unlock my door and she couldn’t help but comment about the fresh injury from the day before. “What the hell happened to you?” she asked without a hint of care to her tone. It took a second for the question to register and make sense to me, but once it did, I just said, “Come in and I’ll tell you about it.” Cherry’s mom entered and I closed the door before offering her something to drink. She turned it down flatly without even saying ‘thanks’ for the offer. Without skipping a beat, she continued giving me the third degree; a flood of questions pouring from her without waiting for answers from me. I was sizing her up subconsciously. She asked, “What are you doing with my daughter? How did you even meet her? Where did she sleep in here? Did you sleep with her? Don’t you think you are too old for her? How ... old are you anyway? There were more, but these are the questions that really resonated with me. I continued my evaluation of her as she continued the questioning and it became clear that I needed to be careful of what I told her because I was on extremely thin ice. Questions of my own began forming in my head: ‘why is she so upset that her daughter spent the night here? Even if she is still in school, she is still an adult, right? Then again, could that be what Cherry was trying to tell me about this morning? I decided to be slightly ‘less than honest’ with the answers if she ever decided to shut up long enough for me to answer one of them. Eventually she began repeating questions and I held up a hand to signal her to take a breather. Remarkably, it worked. I said, “Ma’am, I understand why you are so upset and I don’t blame you. From where you are standing, this might look bad. But I assure you it’s not what it seems. I met Cherry on an online dating site. We emailed, chatted, and quickly became good friends; that’s all (the last part was a blatant lie, but I wasn’t going to dump water on a grease fire). I asked Cherry to come over because of what happened at work yesterday. I’m a fireman and we were called to the scene of an accident—the worst I’ve ever seen. I helped pull a young girl out of the car. She was being flown by life flight to the hospital, but she died in transit; I was holding her hand at the time. I took it really hard and needed a friend to talk to. That’s all. ...