1. Family sex is the best sex

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    Family sex is the best sex My dad and I got home at about sunset from being out in our boat fishing. When we walked into the living room from the garage we saw a sight that made us smile. On the couch were my mother and my twin sister. They were in the sixty-nine position, giving each other's pussies a serious eating out. My sister was on top and her bright red haired head was firmly between Mom's legs. She was also pressing her cunt down onto Mom's face and flexing her hips in a rapid fucking motion while Mom licked her clit and probed her fuck hole. My sister, Della and I are fraternal twins who are just short of our twentieth birthday. She is five-four with bright red hair, thousands of freckles all over her body and large 34-D tits. Her tits are too big to stand out by themselves without sagging but her large nipples still pointed forward. Her cleavage is amazing when she wears a good bra and a low cut blouse. Men trip over themselves because they stare at her so much. She doesn’t shave her pubes and she is as red there as her head is. She is almost a carbon copy of our mother, same red hair although Mom keeps her bottom shaved. Mom is five-five with 36-C tits. She can match Della freckle for freckle. There is no doubt to anyone that they are mother and daughter although some might say sisters. Dad, Stan and I on the other hand don't look a lot alike. I also don't look much like my mom. Dad is five-nine and weighs around one eighty pounds although he does not have a fat ... belly. His hair is brown with just the start of some greying. I'm six-one and weigh one-seventy. I have a trim competitive swimmer's body. My hair is almost black and my skin tone is darker than either of my parents. Dad often jokes that I look a lot like the plumber that came to fix something at our house just before Mom tested pregnant. Mom jokes back that she would never tell but they did tell us that there really was not a chance of that because Mom had not been with any other man but Dad for several weeks before she got pregnant with us. They looked like the 'push me pull you' from the Dr. Dolittle story with a red head at each end. It wasn't anything that we hadn't seen many times before. Mom and Dad were very sexual and were swingers and they had never hidden it from us. We also belonged to a family swingers nudist club where we often spent time. The club did not allow sex with or in front of underage children, at least not officially. Dad and I whistled and encouraged them as we stripped out of our clothes. We all spent a lot of time nude around the house and Mom and Dad never closed their bedroom door even when they were having sex. Mom also gets very loud and loves to use profanity when she gets turned on. It was unusual for us to see them fucking with other people but it did happen a few times. Mom and Della were often together and Dad and I both did both of them but he and I never did anything with each other. Dad patted Della on the ass and said, "Hey you two, ...