1. Senior Year - Parts 3, 4, 5, & 6

    Date: 8/20/2016, Categories: Fiction, Incest, Romance, Teen, Author: Panther68, Source: sexstories.com

    Author's Note - This is not a stand alone story. Please read Senior Year - Parts 1 & 2 first. Part 3 – Betrayal Things seemed to be going well between Laura and Ted and Michelle and David until Monday before prom. Laura had to go to the girls locker room to get something she left in her gym locker after school. The student council meeting had finished much earlier than normal. When she entered the locker room she thought she heard someone moaning in sexual pleasure, It was no secret that a couple of the girls that were gay or bi-sexual used the locker room for their fun. Laura just proceeded to her locker hoping she didn't have to witness the act. When she turned the corner to the row her where her locker was located she stopped dead in her tracks. There was Michelle leaning against the wall being fucked hard from behind by Ted. Neither saw or heard Laura. "Oh yes... fuck me good cuz. This is our last time and I want to remember it," Michelle moaned. "CUZ!!!" Laura shouted at them. "You two are cousins? You two have been screwing each other this whole time haven't you? Michelle how could you do this to my brother. He is in love with you. Ted I thought you loved me. You two have just been using us to hide a relationship you couldn't have openly." With that Laura stormed out of the locker room. As Laura left the locker room she was in tears. Her friend Beth had been waiting outside. "Laura, what's the matter?" she asked. "My EX-boyfriend is in their fucking my brother's ... girlfriend like it's the last time they will ever fuck each other," Laura said through her tears. "I need to find Davy." With that she went looking for her brother. She found him in the parking lot waiting for Michelle to drive her home. He could see something was terribly wrong. Laura never cried in public. She climbed in the car and slammed the door shut.. "Davy... take me home now!!!" she demanded. David got in the car and started driving without any questions. He started to call Michelle to tell her something was wrong and he'd be back to give her a ride. Laura saw him dialing Michelle's number and grabbed his phone and tossed it in the back smashing it against the rear window. "Don't worry about that bitch. Ted is already giving her a ride," she screamed. David was beyond confused. He had never seen his sister this upset. "Laura...what in the hell are you talking about?" David asked. Laura did not answer but sat in silence the rest of the ride. David knew she would talk when she was ready and did not ask anything else. When they got home she started to cry again as they entered the house. David put his arm around his sister to console her as they walked up the stairs even though he did not know what he was consoling her about. When they got upstairs, Laura headed straight and to the kitchenette and got out the bottle of Scotch they had hidden. She poured herself a glass and downed it in one sip. She filled her glass again and one for her brother. She walked over to the couch a ...