1. Glamour Shots, Chapter 17

    Date: 8/9/2018, Categories: Wife / MILF, Author: Stormdog, Source: LushStories

    own little leopard spotted things to their eyes, all of which led to us talking about our costumes, and then the Halloween party. Rob said, “Oh yeah, that’s right! You guys had your company Halloween costume party last night, didn’t you?” I nodded, and he went on. “How was it? Did you have a good turnout?” “Sure, Rob, pretty good; free food and booze is always a good draw. A lot of people, a lot of great costumes, a bunch of ‘em that drank too much. The usual stuff, but it was fun.” “Was it at Charlie’s place again?” He popped a couple of beers with my opener, and handed me one; Alli and Sherry talked about opening a bottle of wine, but wisely decided that a beer would be a more natural choice with the brats, and again he did the honors. “Yeah, at Charlie’s; where else? On the bright side, I don’t think anybody threw up on anything important this year.” Sherry laughed. “That’s a very good reason to never have it at your house! Plus, he has that hot tub – did it turn into one of his legendary hot tub parties again, at which point you two ran for the door?” Alli and I exchanged a quick look before she answered. “Yes, I suppose it did. Should we get those brats on the grill pretty soon?” It went right past Rob, who was reading something on the back of his beer bottle, but Sherry recognized Alli’s attempted diversion immediately. “Wait a minute…” She looked from Allison to me, and back at Alli, who was blushing and unable to meet her eyes. “Oh my god, you stayed! You two hopelessly shy, repressed, innocent babies stayed for the hot tub party! I can’t believe it!” Rob was grinning. “You did? You guys actually stayed for one of his legendary debauches?” I laughed. “I’ll never tell – which is the whole reason they’re legendary, you know, the fact that nobody talks about them outside the inner circle. Legends are often created by half-truths, unfounded rumors, and innuendo, right?”