1. A Teacher Blackmailed Chapter 2

    Date: 8/9/2018, Categories: BDSM, Author: mickyg85, Source: xHamster

    his entire length as her hand massaged his hairy balls. A string of precum followed her mouth as she moved it away from his penis and flicked her hair before once move burying the cock deep into her warm mouth. &#034Oooohhh.&#034 Matthew groaned as her hand left his balls and jerked his eight inch rod into her mouth. &#034Wipe my cock on your face whore.&#034 She took the meat from her mouth and wiped the cock across her face, smearing her face with his precum. He grabbed her long hair and pulled her mouth back onto his solid cock and fucked her mouth really quickly as his other hand mauled her breasts through her dress. &#034Aaaarrrggghhhh fuck yeah.&#034 He moaned as he pulled her mouth off his knob and squirted two large blobs of his warm gooey substance onto her face. As his cock softened he put it back into his trousers and ordered. &#034Get out and walk home... and don't you dare clean your face until you get home, slut. Remember I can see if you obey me.&#034 Tiffany wanted so badly to argue and clean her face, but she knew the consequences would be too severe. So, she just nodded her head and got out of the car, put her head down and quickly walked towards her home. As Matthew drove past her he said. &#034I've booked you in for a tattoo tomorrow, slut.&#034 Before he sped off leaving his teacher humiliated and degraded as she barely managed to reach her front door without anybody seeing her.