1. The Lotus and the Flame - Final

    Date: 8/9/2018, Categories: Oral Sex / Blowjob, Author: NancyAllbright, Source: LushStories

    increase in his heartbeat at the sight of her in cap and gown. He quickly finished his conversation with Joe Campbell’s irritating mother and made his way to Farida and her family. On reaching the group, he gave them his largest most disarming smile. He held out his hand to the younger man who was obviously Farida’s husband Naeem. Anderson noted that he was only slight in stature and height and he wondered how Farida had ever withstood his own vast body and cock. ‘Anderson Bishop,’ he announced, ‘and you are?’ ‘Naeem, I’m Farida’s husband.’ ‘Pleased to me you.’ Anderson gave Naeem’s hand a firm shake before doing the same to the other two much older gentlemen. ‘You must all be very proud. Farida has worked hard and she one hundred percent deserves the result she’s got.’ ‘We are all very proud,’ said one of the gentlemen, Anderson assumed it was Farida’s father. ‘So you should be.’ Anderson nodded and looked at Farida. She felt herself blush, going warm, and at the same time felt that familiar sexual longing inside her. Anderson held out his hand to her and Farida took it, remembering how those large hands had gripped her hips as he had steered his cock inside her. ‘Enjoy the ceremony and you have my email Farida. Please, do keep in touch.’ Farida nodded. Already she was wondering if ...
    Naeem would be suspicious if she developed an even more zealous interest in Islamic retreats. It was one excuse she could use as she thought of plots to see Anderson again. Making her way to the ceremony, she felt a flutter inside her tummy. Definitely she wasn’t going to stop fucking Anderson, not yet. The ceremony was one of the proudest moments of Farida’s life and, later that evening, the family celebrated in a local restaurant. As Farida ate her dessert, her phone buzzed and vibrated in her bag. She took it out before quickly putting it back, her heart starting to thump. The message was from Anderson. Excusing herself from the table, she locked herself in a cubicle in the ladies toilet. Taking the phone out, she swiped the screen and clicked on the message and noticed there was an attachment. Anderson had written a simple message, ‘Something for you to remember me by.’ Farida clicked on the attachment and her eyes opened so wide she thought they were going to pop out of her face. She stared at a video of her and Anderson fucking. Farida came out of the message and her phone pinged again, another message. ‘Let me know if you fancy making another xxx’ Farida dropped the phone back in her bag and smiled. Hopefully, they would make one far sooner than Anderson could ever anticipate. The End