1. Lucy fucks the neighbours Part 1 of 2

    Date: 8/10/2018, Categories: Oral Sex / Blowjob, Author: bikerbear600, Source: LushStories

    off him, leaving him panting and spent. 'Fuck me. What the hell did you do to me?' he gasped. 'Fucked you, baby,' I panted back. 'Did you not know about your g-spot then?' 'God no. How the hell did you learn to do that?' he laughed. 'Marie Clair or Cosmo magazines, I think,' I replied. We cleaned up and I got dressed and headed for the door. 'Don't forget our bargain, Martin. I want to fuck your wife if she's willing. If she isn't, then we had a nice time and that's it. If she is, you might get more of that,' I said. I gave him a quick kiss on his lips, then made my way over the road to my house wondering what I'd just got myself into. I hoped I had just got myself into Jane's knickers, but only time could tell.