1. Couple Hot Adventures Part 3

    Date: 8/10/2018, Categories: Group Sex, Mature, Voyeur, Author: altaff143, Source: xHamster

    masterful job of focusing their entire bodies from every angle. Suman and Som held each other for some time tenderly kissing. Pablo placed the camera on the stand and joined them. The three of them sat on the bed relaxing. Som said she had never seen such a thing and never experienced such excitement. I was happy when Suman said she enjoyed what had happened and wanted more. I did not expect her to be so brazen. It looked like all of them had forgotten about me. After some time, Som came to the kitchen counter for some juice. She smiled when she saw me and asked in a whisper how everything was going. I gave her a smile and showed her my limp cock and the cum on my hand. She giggled a bit and handed me a towel. While Som was making juice, I heard Suman saying that she hoped I was late getting back from the airport. I was surprised and realized that could only mean that Suman wanted more sexual fun. I hoped that meant that I would get to watch her fuck Pablo, and, even better, have it on film to watch again and again. Som gave me a glass of juice and took the rest to Pablo and Suman. I quietly sneaked out from the back door and outside the villa. I then called Suman on her cell phone and told her that I was stuck in the airport and would be there about another hour or more. She protested weakly and then said ok. I returned to my hiding place behind the kitchen counter. Pablo was standing nearby and smiled at me and whispered that everything was going according to plan.....