1. A night to remember

    Date: 6/6/2016, Categories: Hardcore, Mature, Voyeur, Author: acozadd, Source: xHamster

    She was laying in her bed wearing nothing but a bra and black underwear. She looked so sexy. The light from the window landed beautifully on her and he couldn't take his eyes off of her chest. His hands began to ache as he thought about how bad he wanted to squeeze and caress her with his hands and then lick her and place her nipples in his mouth. He hadn't held her tits in his hand in so long but his dick got hard just thinking about the last time he had touched her. He knew she loved having her whole body squeezed and he was dying to put his hands all over her. As he watched her he could tell she was turned on. She was restless in bed. Probably because she knew he was on his way over and he was going to fuck her so hard from behind. Then he started thinking about how soaking wet she was. It had been so long since he felt her wet pussy and tasted her sweet juices. It was always dripping wet and he just knew it was dripping wet right now. As he watched, she began to slowly rub her chest and squeeze her nipples through her bra. It was such a turn on and he felt lucky that he got to watch her. Her hips started gyrating into the air as she touched her chest. It was as if she couldnt' take it any longer and as her hips pumped into the air he focused on her ass. He wanted it in his grip so bad. As he watched from the doorway, she took her right hand and began to move it down between her legs. He loved it when she touched herself. Just then he heard the slightest moan and he knew ... she had slipped her finger inside. As he watched, she started with one finger, so slow but then her hips just kept moving faster and faster. He knew she was craving anything and everything he would put inside her. As he watched and listened to her he could tell she was getting close to making her self cum. She had lost control and was moaning so loud and as she got closer to cumming she sat up on her knees facing the door. Just then their eyes met and she realized he had been watching her the whole time. It turned her on so much and neither of them moved towards each other. Instead, he continued to stroke his hard dick because he could tell it turned her on. As she watched him she put two fingers between her legs and began to wildly ride her fingers. She looked so hot. It was so sexy for both of them to watch each other fuck themselves. And he loved that her hands found pleasure in her own body. She was grabbing her chest, squeezing her nipples, and squeezing her ass as she fucked herself with her fingers. She knew what he liked. He opened the door and she continued to get louder. She wanted him so bad. She wanted him to grab her. As he walked towards her, he thought about what he would do to her. She was screaming now and he put his hands firmly on her chest and began kissing her so deep with his tongue. As their tongues touched, she began to climax for the first time that night. She could feel his hand so firmly on her chest and his tongue in her mouth and her pussy began to ...