1. When my wife was 20

    Date: 10/10/2018, Categories: Taboo, Author: riverpic, Source: xHamster

    again. She told me she can't recall how many times she was fucked that night, but she does remember that she swallowed three lots of cum. She also told me that they agreed to all meet up the following evening and pretty much the same thing happened, only this time most of the fucking took place on the settee. She told me they wanted to fuck her arse, but she wasn't really into that and the nearest they got to it was her allowing them to rim her and lick her arse. Apart from mine, it was the only time she had licked a blokes arse and she did sat that at one point, when she was on her hands and knees with her pussy on offer, if one of them had penetrated her arse, she would not have struggled, but would have allowed him to move slowly in and out of her. Even so, it was a number of years before she would allow me to fuck her in the arse and I really wished she had let them both do that. It was after the third time that the two blokes told her they had planned it all beforehand. She wasn't angry at all, in fact she found it quite amusing. She had no reason to be angry, especially as she had enjoyed the experience so much. Sometimes when we fuck, we talk about the experiences she had with dave and Steve. I hope you enjoyed the story, especially as about 90% is based on reality. Please message me if you enjoyed the story, or would like to know more about my wife.