1. Peach and Daisy's Day Out

    Date: 10/10/2018, Categories: Celebrities, Group Sex, Lesbian Sex, Author: XXXNoBounds, Source: xHamster

    trying to drive the dildo deeper into her ass. Thinking back to their experience on the beach she reached down pulling Daisy's hair remembering that she liked that sort of thing. Letting out a low groan and wrapping her legs around Peach's from behind, Daisy pushed back hard enough to nearly f***e her cousin into a doggy style position. She was no doubt already quite horny from fucking Peach which made it easier for her cousin to do her job. When she reached around front to rub Daisy's pussy she found that it wasn't wet, it was outright dipping. Peach didn't know much about fingering as she hadn't so much as played with herself before, but she wanted to make sure Daisy got off too so she began to slide two of her fingers in and out while picking up speed with the strap-on. This time when Daisy began to cum she buried her face in one of the pillows the muffle her moans of pleasure, tearing into the sheet with her fingernails as she clawed at the bed. Pulling out Peach laid down on top of a very satisfied Daisy, “I guess I got it right huh?” “Peaches dear, you were great. Tell me something, have you fucked Mario yet?” “Uh... no, not yet.” “Why not?” “I don't know...” “Oh for crying out loud, how many times has he saved you and your kingdom over the years?” “A lot.” “Exactly,” Daisy said, reaching into the bag for a third time she pulled out a box of condoms holding them back for Peach to take, “honey, I think you owe him a little more than a thank you and a cake by now.”