1. Fantasy part I

    Date: 11/6/2018, Categories: BDSM, Fetish, First Time, Author: sassysissy12, Source: xHamster

    I enter the darkroom in which there are only lit candles, in a chair there is a person. Its her, my Mistress. She is all dressed up and is wating for me. She has long blonde hair, a black full body latex outfit that I like so much, a strapon strapped on her hips, and a whip in her hands. I am looking at her and then at whip, and then the strap on. I know what She wants me to do, so I start to strip down and get on my knees as fast as I can. I know that if I dont do it fast She will use that whip with no mercy. I felt pleased that I wasn't slow. But she wasn't, and she strikes me one time, two times, three times, and says next time slave you will come in naked! My ass is burning and turning red but deep inside of me I love it and I want more. She walks around me, inspecting me, all i can see are her heels moving next to my naked body. She starts laughing and says I know what we will do today slave and in split second she is gone, and I am left all alone, naked on my knees. After 10-15 mins She returns, I don't know what She has instore for me next. She said look up slut. SLUT? She never said to me slut, something is wrong, or is it? I look up and there She is with some sort of girly outfit in Her hands. I dont know what to think but since She has that whip in the other hand I dont want to give Her a reason to use it. So I follow her instrctions. She said get up and put this pink panites on. So I did. For some reason I got a big hard on just by touching them. After She sees ...
    that She slaps me and my cock. I am trying my best to hold the erection back but I cant, all I can do is hope She wont minde it to much. She didint She found it funny that something so humiliating is turning me on. She gives me black pantishouse and says put them on slut. So I did, and by now I have started to drip some precum all over the clothes she made me put on. Next was a bra, it was nice and pink just like panties, but I had no tits what will I do with bra I ask Her. And she slaps me and says DO WHAT I SAID SLUT. Scared and aroused i put the bra on, after that she gives me some socks to stuff it with, so I did. She is giving me short school girl top and skirt saying put them on slut I will be back. She isn't here, and I am dressed like a girl, and still I know I shouldn't love it but I do. I am all hard and wet and all I want to do is star playing with my cock. She comes back one more time, this time She has black wig in her hands and some make up. She sees my hard cock laughing one more time, and puts the wig on my head. Orders me to sit and starts putting some make up on my eyes and lips. After she was done She says get up and let Me look at you. So I did. She started taking pictures of me and after She was done she made me kneel in front of her one more time. She said now you are my slut, you will do what I say you will do, do you understand me? I said yes Mistress I do, I am your slut Mistress She looks at me and (...) You will see in part II if you like this one :D