1. Beautiful Niece Kaylee Ch.5

    Date: 11/8/2018, Categories: Diary, Consensual Sex, Incest, Teen, Romance, First Time, Teen, Author: UncleB71, Source: sexstories.com

    kissing for a few minutes, then just laid there in each others arms. "Baby?" Kaylee finally asked. "Can I sleep in here with you tonight." "I think I'd like that." I smiled "Have to warn you though. I might snore." "That's OK! As long as you hold me all night long." We snuggled for a while longer, then I got up to turn out the downstairs lights, while she used the bathroom. When I returned she was under the covers. I turned off the light and crawled into bed next to her. I was surprised to find her still nude. I kissed her right cheek, her left cheek and her forehead as she replied "I, Love, You." Then we shared a long, lingering kiss. I turned off the bedside lamp and cuddled her in close to me. She took my hand and placed it cupping her breast. I was a little amazed when I felt a small twitch from between my legs. Kaylee rubbed her firm, bare cheeks against me and moaned softly. Her hand reached around and started to stroke me. "Uncle Benny." She whispered into the darkness. "Maybe I'm not TOO sore after all." This girl might just be the death of me! To be continued.