1. Waking Up: Emma Stone

    Date: 11/8/2018, Categories: Celebrities, Fetish, Masturbation, Author: Batman_112, Source: xHamster

    erotically as my breathing became erratic and my face became flushed. &#034Oh my god. Oh my god.&#034 I moaned into he pounded my pussy with his cock. &#034Take it. Take my fucking cock you Hollywood slut. .&#034 he moaned between thrusts. &#034Take that fat cock inside you.&#034 &#034Oh-God. Yes.&#034 I moaned very loudly. &#034Give it to me daddy. I need it. I need a big cock.&#034 I pulled myself out entirely and immediately slammed him back into Emma's pussy. After his cock slammed into my pussy, I let out a long shriek of pleasure. &#034Oh shit!&#034 I cried out, not caring if anyone had heard. Hearing Emma's voice shriek in pleasure immediately sent Henry over the edge His cock erupted deep inside Emma's womb. He shot load after load of hot sticky semen into my contracting pussy. We held onto each other for a minute or so, riding out our mutual orgasm before I finally unlocked his cock from my pussy. I had tried to stand, but I couldn't on Emma's still shaking legs. We were still panting heavily as I pulled him into a final kiss before I looked around for my discarded ...
    dress. &#034That was amazing!&#034 Henry said. &#034Yeah it was. Your cock was amazing.&#034 I said as I put on my dress. Before I left the bathroom, I grabbed a pen and piece of paper out of Emma's purse. I wrote down Emma's phone number on the paper and handed it to Henry. &#034Call me anytime,&#034 I said before I walked out. I started walking before I noticed I forgot to put on my panties. I quickly went back to the bathroom when Henry walked out and I approached him. &#034What's wrong?&#034 he asked. I leaned in close to him with a nervous look on her face. &#034Um, well... my panties. Do you know where they went?&#034 &#034Yup. I've got them. And I'm keeping them,&#034 he said as he stuffed them in his pocket and went back to work. I just smiled and decided to let him keep his reward. The rest of the night was a blast as I met even more celebs and had a fun time. It was eventually time to go back home and I arrived back at Emma's house at around 1:30 in the morning. As I closed my eyes and went to sl**p, I eagerly awaited to find out what Emma had done in my body for the day.