1. A Great Concert's Opening Act

    Date: 6/6/2016, Categories: Flash Straight Sex, Author: ljdoofus75, Source: LushStories

    It is the concert of the year. There is a huge crowd at the entrance to the venue. Everyone is pressing forward to blast through the gates as soon as they open. A loud roar goes up after the crowd sees several guards move toward the gates. Anticipating the gates opening, the crowd surges forward. I am being squished by the throng of people. I put my hand behind me to get some breathing room. That's when I feel it. A huge, hard cock pressing against the crease of my ass. I can't help but squeeze it. It throbs in response. Oh my, I can't turn around to see who it is, but he responds by squeezing my round, bubble butt. The crowd keeps pressing forward. The next thing I know, my hand is inside his jeans, and I can feel his heat. His cock is huge about two hand-widths in length, plus; my fingers don't reach around its girth. Fumbling around, my fingers find the flare of his head and begin to tease it with my touch. His hand slips between my legs in response. Oh my... I feel his hand press snugly against my slit and begin a back and forth motion. My goodness that feels ...
    great. I squeeze his manhood with a little more gusto. His other hand finds my left tit and begins to pinch my bra-less nipple. A flash flood of pussy juice fills my panties. Oh fuck, I'm going to cum right here. My legs quit working, but the crush of homo sapiens keeps me from falling. That hand keeps rubbing. Those fingers keep pinching. I'm seeing blackness and stars. It feels like I'm having an epileptic seizure. The gates open and the torrent of humanity gushes forward. I've got a death grip on that cock. It's the only lifeline keeping me afloat. We explode through the gate, and the surge slows as people spread across the mezzanine like ants. I'm still being pushed along by the body that belongs to that cock. There's a three-cornered kiosk ahead. We stop and somehow slip into the center. His hand are on my shoulders. I find myself kneeling in front of a beautiful cock. My mouth slips over it. It belongs in my mouth. Hmmm, he tastes as good as he felt. He shutters and floods me with his seed. He's gone, and I'm dripping. This is going to be one great concert.