1. How i Knew

    Date: 6/6/2016, Categories: True Story, Consensual Sex, Lesbian, Female solo, Latina, Lesbian, Masturbation, Romance, Teen, Toys, Written by women, Author: mztruble, Source: sexstories.com

    It started rather innocently. By accident actually. I was 16 I was staying at my best friends April's house for a sleep over slumber party. Sometime that night my friends mom Janet who was out drinking and partying at the local bar came home really drunk. I mean smashed .She went to the kitchen and tried to make her self something to eat. It was a disaster. When I think back to her in that kitchen I still make myself laugh. While she was tearing up the kitchen she talked with us girls for a few and let us know she was going to bed an was calling it night. It was obvious to all of us she was beyond drunk and probably shouldn’t have drove herself home that night. Janet made it very clear we are not to bother her or keep her awake and we all agreed. We all said our good night’s to her and she went down hallway to her room and closed her door. Later that night as my friends were crashing out like fly’s I started to crave a cigarette. I ran out earlier of the few I stole from my mom. None of my friends smoked so I couldn’t bum one off of them. I knew Janet was a smoker ,and I knew she kept them on the nightstand next to her bed. I figured I could sneak into her room and take one from her. I figured she has to have passed out by now it was 2:30 am or so. I opened Janet's door and saw she was passed out on her bed right away. I could tell from the light in the room that she fell asleep with the TV on. I couldn’t see what was on it yet because of how her room was layed out. After I ... entered her rm I saw the tv and just froze . My friends mom janet had fallen asleep watching lesbian porn. I have never seen porn before this. I never thought about girl on girl before this. At first I was shocked . I just stood there . I couldn’t stop watching . I looked over to see if Janet had moved at all since I entered her room. Thankfully she hadn’t. I looked back at the tv and just kept watching the girls have sex with each other. The way they were kissing and touching licking and sucking each other just made me watch more. I layed down on the floor in front of janet's bed and just kept watching. I got so turned on and excited I reached down to my panty’s and started rubbing my pussy god I was so wet. The more I watched the wetter I got. I kept looking up to Janet's bed to make sure I wasn’t waking her up with my moans and other sounds I was making while I was getting myself off. I stayed down there on the floor watching this girl on girl porn and rubbing my pussy for about an hour. I must have got myself off 3 times. My body felt done and I was out of breath. I remembered why I went in there in the first place . I got up and stole my cigarette from Janet's pack and walked out of the room and closed the door behind me. As I stood there on the porch smoking my cig I thought about all of what I just saw .What those girls were doing to each other. Licking each others pussy . Sucking on there tits. Using vibrators and fucking each other with strap-ons. I knew that night ...