1. My Wife Experiences a Nocturnal Orgasm

    Date: 6/6/2016, Categories: Wife / MILF, Author: mter100, Source: LushStories

    There had been a number of studies on women having nocturnal orgasms or dreams. A few studies have suggested that nearly forty percent of the woman out there have experienced some kind of nocturnal experience in their lifetime. Even though most men experience wet dreams in their teenage years, it isn’t uncommon for an older mature women to experience some form of a nocturnal dream during her later years of life. They can be intense and feel extremely real to the point of actually believing that it is really happening. This is what happened to my wife, Ann. It had been earlier this spring when I hired a young man to take care of our lawn. Connor was only nineteen, but seemed to have a good head on his shoulders. He came highly recommended by someone I had worked with and was extremely reasonable with his price. I hired him without even meeting him, and when he showed up for the first time, I was quite impressed with his professionalism. Ann gave him a tour of our yard and showed him the areas she wanted him to be specifically careful around. She has a number of plant beds throughout the yard that she is very protective of, and I watched from the kitchen window while she led him around the yard. Connor was a bit on the quiet side, but he had a confidence about him that was quite special. As Ann led him around the yard I began to notice his eyes staring at her as she walked in front of him. It was quite exciting to see a young man of his stature checking out a middle age ... woman like my wife, and when Ann bent down in front of him at one point to pick something up, I could see his eyes drawn to her lovely ass. I knew from that point on that he had a special bond for her. When he finished cutting and trimming, Ann paid him and he left. I told Ann how I had watched him check her out while she took him around the yard. Ann thought I was nuts that a young man of only nineteen would want anything to do with a woman over the age of fifty. I told her that lots of young men would love the opportunity to be with an experienced woman of her age. She then asked me, when I was younger if I had the desire to be with an older woman, and I replied to her that I did. I had a crush on our next door neighbor who was nearly thirty years older than me. I would check her out every time she had come out to sunbathe by the pool, and I must have jerked off more than hundred times to her. My wife and I had been married for more than twenty three years, and over that period of time we had built up the reputation for being a bit on the voyeuristic side. It started in earnest about seven or eight years ago when my wife and I had taken a stroll in the park one afternoon. There were a number of heavily wooded trails throughout the park, and we decided to take the most scenic route. We had walked for about twenty minutes or so when we had come to a small clearing. I felt a bit frisky, and I glanced around to see if anyone was around. I then began to make out with my wife as we ...