Date: 9/15/2016, Categories: Fiction, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Romance, Author: senorlongo, Source: sexstories.com

    the king bed. We held each other, savoring the sensation of our skin-on-skin contact, touching and kissing the entire time. After almost half an hour of gentle loving Rosie lay back, pulling me to her. I would have loved Rosie riding me, but we were on a mission. We wanted to make a baby. Missionary it would be with Rosie’s legs high in the air until the job was done. Rosie stroked my dick with one hand while she gently caressed my balls with the other. As if that wasn’t enough, her tongue tickled my tonsils as we kissed. Once I was between her silken thighs she pulled me into her core. I’d known a long time ago that I’d never tire of making love with Rosie. Her pussy was nothing less than spectacular—her tightness, her heat, her texture. But most of all was her responsiveness. The worst thing I could imagine was to try to make love with a partner who never responded to my efforts. Yes, I definitely wanted to cum, but that was second to pleasing my old-fashioned lover. In Rosie’s case there was definite and overwhelming proof that I did to Rosie as well as she did to me. We found our rhythm quickly, our coordination perfect to maximize our pleasure for and from each other. I wasn’t at all surprised when Rosie came suddenly and hard after only five minutes of rabid fucking. Yet another orgasm came ...
    shortly thereafter. I was struggling to hold back when her third shook her violently. Rosie looked up to plead with me. “You’ll probably kill me if this goes on much longer, Steven.” I leaned down for a kiss, telling Rosie how much I loved her and as I did I came explosively, filling her with gobs of slick white semen. We rented a car the following day for a trip out to Hoover Dam, only about forty minutes away. There’s a lot to see there and the trip took us all morning. It really is a tribute to man’s ingenuity. Looking down from the sidewalk to the churning river below took our breath away. Returning to Bellagio, we gambled in the afternoon, finishing around six. I lost, but not badly, and left the following morning with more than $40,000 in winnings. I thought that I might spend it on another wedding present for my wonderful wife. I already had one waiting for her at home. We enjoyed our last night on the Strip by returning to Prime, Bellagio’s steak house, later taking in one of Vegas’ famous shows featuring dozens of statuesque and totally topless showgirls. Parts of it were funny, obviously functioning on the concept that bigger is always better. That was my cue to whisper to Rosie, “I like yours better.” She smiled as she whispered back, “Liar!” Then she kissed me and we had a good laugh.