1. Shard 629: Morning Light

    Date: 6/6/2016, Categories: Flash Straight Sex, Author: Verbal, Source: LushStories

    She was sad. It doesn’t matter why. It wasn't an overwhelming sadness. Lots of things make people sad. Life is sad sometimes. That's all. She awoke at five a.m., hours before she usually did. She could not go back to sleep, and did not try very hard. She called into the office and left a message telling them she was taking the day off. She dressed. She started walking across town to his house. Usually she drove, but by foot it took less than twenty minutes. As she walked she watched the town slowly awaken. A station wagon delivering newspapers. Several half-awake drivers on their way home after working a night shift. A girl dressed for a party, shoes in hand, stumbling down the middle of the street, her eyes bloodshot and focused on the pavement. Napping dogs peering from front yards. Birds readying their greet-the-dawn melodies. The sun rose, casting long, leaning shadows along the streets and sidewalks, driveways and alleys. The last few stars left in the sky quietly winked out, unable to compete. She had a key to his front door, but chose not to use it. Instead, she walked around the side of the house. She paused to peep into his bedroom window, saw him sleeping, as innocent as a child. The idea made her smile. He always left the back door open. She quietly opened and closed the door, padded her way to his bedroom. His cat, lying at the foot of the bed, lifted its head to look at her. He did not rouse. She watched the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed. She walked ... to the edge of the bed; the cat met her there, and she petted it for awhile. When the cat had been satisfied and curled back up at the far corner of the bed, she took her clothes off and slipped into bed next to him, very quietly, and slowly enough not to disturb the bed. She didn’t want him to wake. She only wanted to feel the warmth of his skin next to her. He was lying on his side, his back to her. She curled around him, gently. Instinctively he turned to face her, and without ever even waking his palm found its way to her breast, cupping it in his hand, his thumb brushing against her nipple before his hand grew still again. Her nipple became instantly erect. He slept. His hand lay on her breast, motionless but for the steady rise and fall as she breathed. Her nipple was framed with his thumb on one side, his index finger on the other. She found herself aroused. Her pussy grew moist, the skin of her face flush. She contemplated rousing him awake and taking action, knowing how he would love the surprise of her lying in his bed like a gift from a dream. He looked so peaceful. So boyish. She did nothing. They lay together for a very long time. She snuggled closer against him, her nerves tingling, certain that upon waking he would sleepily kiss her, his hands in her hair, and pull her closer to take her in his arms. She would feel his weight on top of her, his hands pinning down her wrists. There was a certain peace in laying next to her lover, aroused and waiting and drowsing ...