1. Teeki

    Date: 6/7/2016, Categories: Exhibitionism, Author: Adagio, Source: LushStories

    blocks over. I hasten to recover what sense of normality I had left. My thick uncut cock, now casting it's own shadow against the house. I managed to stuff it back in my trousers. She was looking straight at me, as I fled away in the dark. For the next two weeks, I would drift off to sleep, after masturbating, with a good workout and thrashing in my bed. Often as not, with a finger up my ass, as my glands squeezed and I moaned. Then rekindling my excitement, I peed in the commode, listening to the yellow urine flow. I revisited the site by sidestepping a passing trolley as it stopped to let a lady board. In her haste, she dropped her parasol, and a zephyr caught it. Like a kite, it soared out of sight, like wings on an angel. The house didn't look the same in daylight, as I had conversation with an old-timer, who was mowing the lawn. "The house is unlived in, mister. It's haunted." He proceeded to tell me, that a Teeki Marshall had taken her own life, in 1943. After getting news that her lover was mortally wounded in North Africa while serving under Gen, Patton. "Teeki! Where are you?"