1. Team Photos 1: Alex

    Date: 9/29/2016, Categories: Fantasy, Incest, Masturbation, Voyeur, Teen, Author: Shower_boy, Source: sexstories.com

    It all started when I began taking photos of our touch rugby team. It was a mixed team and my sisters, Caitlyn, Lauren and I had been playing for years. Caitlyn was the older of the two; she had just had a birthday last month. She was a very shy and petite girl at only 4ft 10 and very slim build, which contrasted nicely with her B-cup boobs and long brunette hair. Lauren on the other hand was very opinionated and constantly getting in trouble at school. She was 1 ½ years younger, but already taller than Caitlyn, but she had only just started to fill out in the chest department and hardly ever bothered with a bra, which was made very obvious by her constantly hard nipples. Our mum had asked me to take some photos of the team as we played, so whenever I wasn’t on the field I would be taking pics with my phone of everyone running around. I was on the side-line, when Lauren came off and stuck her tongue out at me, of course I immediately squirted her with my water bottle, causing her to squeal and jump backwards to get away. But I got her pretty good anyway. There she was with a rather wet shirt, nipples poking out as always and she hitched up her tights a bit higher producing a very noticeable little camel toe. I always thought my sisters were pretty and I had fantasized about them a bit, what teenage guy hadn’t thought about his sisters? I immediately zoomed in and took a photo. She gave me a funny look and just turned away and watched the game, so I took another shot of her ... ass. It was at that point that I decided since I’m taking all these pics anyway; why not try to get a few shots of my sisters great asses. Just the thought of it sent a rush of blood to my dick. Unfortunately I didn’t get any more opportunities that day. Once we got home there was the inevitable rush for the shower, the girls shared a bedroom and we had a bathroom that connected our bedrooms. I wasn’t worried I just wanted to get on my computer and see how the pics of Lauren had come out. I could hear the girls giggling as they started the shower and I plugged in my phone. The first photo was okay, but the shadow and black tights didn’t show a lot, but the ass shot was great. She had the most wonderful little ass, I could only imagine how it would feel to touch it and squeeze those cheeks between my hands. My cock was getting really hard and I decided to try and get a quick wank in before I had a shower. I checked my bedroom door was locked and brought up a favourite sex story from the net and kept the pic of Lauren’s ass on the other side of the screen and slowly started to stroke my dick. I was getting close when I heard the water shut off and Lauren yell out “Caitlyn! Can you bring me a towel?” I paused for a moment, imagining her slender body under the water. “Caitlyn? Are you there? Caitlyn?!” Lauren yelled again. I guess Caitlyn must have gone downstairs or something, because the next thing she said was “Alex? Can you pass me a towel please? I forgot to get one.” My heart ...