1. Two Hawaiian girls, both virgin

    Date: 10/2/2016, Categories: Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Straight Sex, Lesbian, First Time, Incest, Romance, First Time, Teen, Author: abd Lover, Source: sexstories.com

    The following is a work of fiction. Both the names and the characters are fiction. There is no connection to anyone, living or deceased. This is intended to be an erotic work of literature, valuable to the reader as a story that one might enjoy reading, nothing more., when he TWO HAWAIIAN GIRLS, BOTH VIRGIN Part 1 21 year old Alex Kramer was so wet, that her new husbands erect penis entered her fully with his first strong thrust! We had already fucked twice! “Wait, wait, stop, Sam” I almost yelled. “Did I hurt you Honey?” Sam Kramer asked, anxiously. “No Hon” I replied a little breathlessly, “I just want to lay here with you inside me for two minutes, and enjoy the feeling, that glorious feeling of having your big penis inside me!” Smiling smugly, Sam continued to fuck his new bride with long slow stroke, knowing he could keep this up this slow pace for another twenty minutes without coming. But I had discovered Sam this way of riding high on me, rubbing his penis up against my clit, and when he thrust into me, his penis rubs over my poor clit, and it is driving me bonkers! It’s like having mini orgasms, bang-bang-bang, a string of damn firecrackers. With an unusual feat of strength, I pushed Sam away from me. “Give me a break you cock hound!” “You want to kill your new bride on only her fifth night as Mrs. Samuel Kramer?” “Sorry darling, you just have no idea how very lovely and sexy you are right now!” Sam said, grinning: Why your left breast alone is to die for.” Do you ... realize that my tender clit has been beaten, sucked, nipped, tickled, rubbed and stimulated far more in just five days, than in all my years of masturbating----since I was eight years old!” “Come on Stud, let me on top for a while, and give my poor clit a break.” “Well, in the first place, I dearly love your clit, reminds me of a little soldier, standing at attention!” “But Oh God, honey, I love you.” He said. “Do you realize you have more nerve endings in your clitoris, than anywhere else in your body?” I nodded a thank you. “This is what I get for marrying a med student.” I said, grinning at him. “And to think that I was afraid your penis would be too big for me ,to fit inside me, Wow!” “Of course, I can feel you pushing on my lungs when we fuck, but that’s Okay, love it Darling mine, I really do!” The two of us often made lazy love. There were so many positions, most we could do—with vigor. But some were too off base, strained our muscles to do them. We never tried them a second time. When we’re tired, we fuck side by side, with my leg thrown over his hip. Another high favorite is “Ride em cowboy”, it’s a position where I can relax, yet his penis goes in deeper than almost any other position, so I enjoy maximum penetration. I enjoy sexual pleasures, that’s what a girl is designed for! I like positions were we are face to face, so we can see each other, talk dirty.” I like to act our fantasies, and now, I have converted Sam to them. Sometimes it is about pretending it’s our ...