1. A New Day, A New You part 9

    Date: 10/3/2016, Categories: Fiction, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Death, Humiliation, Interracial, Straight Sex, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Torture, Violence, Author: P.O.I., Source: sexstories.com

    Jackie: the day after Guy met with Henry Mulligan And here I am with Daddy Smitty, my son, Grandpa and about a dozen of the nastiest pieces of work to ever crawl out of the underbelly of the Union at my ex’s house. Why, because Guy has a plan. I just pray his plan will get me something in the way of a real vacation and not some halfway house crap. John is helping his half sister Connie, she’s a cute little girl, pack a bag while the ‘happy couple’ have a quiet debate on listening to the biker ex girlfriend mother of his first child. “Who the fuck does she think she is telling us we need to pack and leave,” my ex’s wife whispers with anger at her husband. “She has a way out for us,” Amanda the wife is told by Steven,” And honestly I’m not sure what you have a problem with.” “I don’t know maybe the ‘Hells Angels’ out in our front yard to escort us to our ‘vacation’,” I can hear her quotes on the word. “They’re there for our protection and they’re a respectable motorcycle club,” Steven is trying really hard to take the helping hand but his wife is being a cunt. “I don’t like this, I don’t like her being here and telling us what to do,” Amanda says pacing the floor upset. “I can understand that but I don’t like it when you’re being made to squeal like a pig as some asshole and his buddy take turns teaming up on your ass while I’m duct taped to a chair,” Steven spits just loud enough that I can hear but the kids can’t,” Now get to packing or I swear to god I will leave your ass ... here and take Constance and John on vacation without you.” I duck out of sight as Amanda blows right past me heading to the back of the house and hopefully to pack. I peek in on Steven who looks beat down, he’s still a little heavy set for a 5’11” man but I remember when he used to make me feel special. Granted I remember when Guy made me feel so turned on from wanting to kick his ass that I could cream my panties right now but memories are funny like that right. I leave my ex to his worries and figure it’s girl talk time. “What do you want,” Amanda asks as I step into her bedroom and close the door behind me. “Just to talk if that’s okay,” I tell her being nice. “Well since my husband’s balls seem to be in your purse… you do have a purse? I’m just wondering if your bull dyke or something,” Amanda insults fall flat on me. “I can have one if that makes you feel better. Listen I really am here to help, I’m not looking to step on anyone’s toes,” I start but Amanda cuts me off. “You’ve been trying to get back with Steven since you found out he was happy. When he went back with his family and got through college you were fucking bikers and raising that bastard child,” Amanda spits and I’m getting mad,” You come in here barking orders and trying to run my family.” “I don’t personally give a fuck about any sort of contact with Steven you stupid bitch. You want the truth? The only reason I allow his ass to see John is because I’m being nice. Not for you to gloat about how perfect your ...