1. Indian Tea

    Date: 10/4/2016, Categories: Fiction, Coercion, Drug, Humiliation, Straight Sex, Mind Control, Reluctance, Author: Sara_Quill, Source: sexstories.com

    Indian Tea Vera hoisted her bag with her yoga outfit over her shoulder as she walked out of the gym. She had been teaching all night. She pulled the hair tie out of her red curls and shook her head, the curls dangling over her shoulder. Yoga was suppose to be a stress relief, but teaching four classes in a row, filled with annoying people expecting her to fix all of their problems with a simple warrior pose, was just aggravating. She walked across the dark parking lot, the moon shining a faint light over the few cars that were left. ‘Hey, Vera,’ someone yelled chipper. She looked back and saw a man from the last class she’d taught. He was kind of a hippie, his hair in dreads, always wearing colourful loose trousers and he was always trying to flirt with her and asking her out. Bragging about his trip to India or trying to name the yoga poses in Sanskrit. Brett something was his name. Vera didn’t date students, and even if she did Brett just wasn’t her type. He was dominant and controlling and quite condescending every once in a while. Vera lifted her hand and politely waved from a distance, then she continued to walk to her car. ‘Hold on,’ he yelled. Vera pretended not to hear him and walked a little bit faster. She heard his footsteps running towards her. He slammed her on the shoulder. ‘I’ll walk you to your car,’ he said. ‘It’s dark and late. A petite girl like you shouldn't be walking alone over a dark abandoned parking lot, like this.’ ‘Excuse me?’ She said. Bewildered ... by the masochistic nonsense that came out of his mouth. He wasn’t serious, was he? She studied his face. He was looking at her with a simple bemused smile. ‘I think I’ll manage,’ she said. ‘I’m thirty two and I’m plenty strong.’ He kept walking besides her. ‘You sure?’ He asked. ‘All sorts of creeps out here.’ ‘Thanks for your worries I guess, but I’m not a helpless little girl.’ ‘Not yet, you are.’ He said, the same secretive smile crept over his face. What the fuck did he mean by that? Vera decided not to pay him anymore attention, she shook her head and kept on walking. She could already see her car. She just had to keep her cool and not lash out at him for another couple of steps. She fidgeted with her car keys. ‘Creeps that might want to kidnap you,’ he said. His voice had changed. It sounded lower and softer, more threatening. His body inching closer to hers. ‘Kidnap you and hypnotize you.’ She shied away from him, but he kept moving closer and closer, until she was stuck between his body and her own car. ‘What are you doing,’ she asked. ‘Brett fuck of. I don’t like this thing you’re doing right now, whatever it is.’ He pushed his knee in between her legs and put his elbow and forearm across her chest. She started to struggling and cussing and screaming. Brett just shook his head. He got a zip-lock bag with a white cloth out of his pocket. He calmly unzipped it and got the cloth out, then with a smile he put it over her nose and mouth. ‘See, I told you, there all sorts ...