1. My sister's workout part 2

    Date: 10/4/2016, Categories: Fiction, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Incest, Teen, Teen, Author: Unknown user, Source: sexstories.com

    "Mom?" "Brian, what happen? You guys at home?" "Yeah, We are here.." "I'm gonna be late, Look after your sister, okay? Don't leave her alone". "I know , I know, She is not a kid by the way.." As soon as we came home, I called my mother to tell about what happened. Actually I told bunch of lies, that we discussed on our way home. My sister told me, mom went to the hospital to visit our neighbour Janet. They are a young couple that moved here a while ago. Janet was pregnant, she had a baby last night. Julie went to take a shower as soon as we set foot in to our house. She told me , She feel very tired and got a headache. I knew she want some privacy, So I went to our parent's room to wash my self. After I finished cleaning my self, I found a clean pant and a t-shirt.' I need something to eat'. I could hear my stomach grumbling. There's not much in the kitchen for my taste. I made some sandwiches best as I could from the things I found, I left two for Jules. She was still taking her shower. It was enough for me to fill my hunger, I laid on couch, thinking about the things we did. I can still feel her smell, soft body, 'i fucked her twice, no no not twice, I made love to her first, second time I fucked her brains out'. In those thoughts I drifted in to sleep in our living room. I felt someone nudge my shoulder, "mmm... What?" I barely opened my eyes, it was mom, she was smiling, looking at me. "Huh?" What's so funny? I can't remember the last time she smile at me. That's when I ... felt my someone was sleeping against me on the couch. Her head on my shoulder, one leg around my waist, a hand wrapped on my neck. I don't know how she came here without waking me up. She looked so innocent and pretty, Only wearing one of my father's old shirt, long enough to cover her sweet little body. Mom put a finger to her mouth to tell me not to make a noise. Suddenly my phone started to ring. Fuck it, that's enough to woke up my sister. She lifted her head , half asleep , without even opening her eyes , she dragged her self up to kiss me right on the mouth. I knew what was happening. I turned my head to land it on my cheek. She was trying to find my mouth wetting my cheek with her salvia. Our mother's laughter, woke up my sister completely. She turned herself around to look at our mother with her shocked face, "awwww..." She fell on her ass. It made me and mom laugh harder. "Cut it out.. Jerk!, You pushed me" She stood up, while massaging her ass with one hand. "What got in to you two? I haven't seen you two like that ever" "That's because I made love to her today". Its the answer that popped in to my head. "Nothing, I wanted the couch, but this jerk was already on it..." My sister was bubbling words while blushing. "Is that so?" Mom can see her blushing red face too. She didn't seem angry. She was smirking. She touched my sister's head to check temperature. "its hot , your head hurt?". " Yeah.. A little.. " she sat beside me answering our mother. " Move your legs" she ...