1. My Twin Sister's Birthday-Sleepover Weekend (Chapter 1)

    Date: 10/4/2016, Categories: Fiction, First Time, Group Sex, Incest, Lesbian, Teen, Teen, Teen, Author: TheAuthor, Source: sexstories.com

    This the story of an average boy who has his whole world turned upside-down one fateful weekend. =============================================================================== My name’s Aaron, I’m 5’11”, 155 lbs. I have blue eyes and brown hair. I’m slightly more muscular than average, slender, with an 8 inch penis. My twin sister, Emily, is slightly smaller than I, at 5’9”, 145 lbs. She has blonde hair, green eyes, C cup breasts and was developing curves in all the right places. When we were growing up, we did everything together. When she spent time with her group of friends, they welcomed me as one of the girls and when I had my friends over she was welcome as one of the guys. We always enjoyed each other’s company, unlike most siblings. I had always assumed that was because we were twins. She was born 3.5 minutes before I was, making her ever so slightly older than I. We spent most of our time together in the basement, we would just sit and converse. Sometimes I would play video games while we talked, and sometimes she would text a friend, still other times we would put on a movie from the massive collection we had obtained over the past few years. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, we are both 4 years old, born February 29th. (If you count the years not birthdays, since we were born than that makes us 18). We had our “birthday” a few days ago and I sat on the basement couch as my Emily decorated for her weekend sleepover with two of her friends. Her two friends were ... Claire and Jane and the three of them did everything together. As we were getting older, all the parents had talked and decided to go away for a weekend and leave the four of us at our house. The parents were to leave for a spa resort in about a half an Emily and I were excited for a weekend of hanging out. As I said earlier, the three of them had always rather enjoyed my company since we moved here in the second grade. So anyway, we were all going to meet and spend the weekend at our house starting in 15 minutes or so, Friday night, until Monday night when the parents would get back, we were able to stretch the weekend out because there is a teacher in-service day at our high school on Monday. (Ever since the Sandyhook shooting in 2012, the school district does not what students in the building at the same time as strangers, Monday is local election voting day and our school is a polling place… I digress… the point is no school on Monday). **KNOCK** **KNOCK** **KNOCK** “YAY there here!” Emily screamed as she ran up the steps to get the door. She opened the door and Claire and Jane walked in carrying their bags. The parents hugged, kissed, said goodbye and made sure to establish ground rules, and left. We were generally good kids and planned to follow the rules established for us. MOM’S GROUND RULES -NO strangers in the house -NO parties -NO going out for more than an hour -DON’T do stupid S*** My dad ran back in the door handed me an envelope and left. The girls had already run ...