1. Disciplining Emily

    Date: 10/7/2016, Categories: Fantasy, Anal, Ass to pussy, Incest, Teen, Male Domination, Spanking, First Time, Teen, Author: dirtyteen7, Source: sexstories.com

    Lie To Me Sex Fanfiction Cal Lightman/Emily Lightman After no luck of finding this pairing in any sex fanfics, I decided to write my own, the beginning is based off one of the first few episodes in the 3rd season. Enjoy. Cal is just arriving home from a day at the office. Expecting to find Emily home alone, or out with her friends, Cal arrives home to find she is not alone. Cal opens the door, and sees Emily and a boy, whom looks a bit older than her. Cal: What’s this? Who’s this? Emily: Dad, this is my boyfriend. Cal: Boyfriend? BOYFRIEND…| Emily: Yes Dad, my boyfriend, Liam. Liam: It’s nice to meet you sir, I’m a fan of your work. Cal: Are you now. Well get out of my house, why are you hanging around my daughter? Emily: DAD! You can’t do that. We were just studying for our Chemistry test next week. Cal: Studying is over, get out. Liam: I…I’ll see you at school, ok?! Emily: Ya, uh, sorry about this. Liam: It’s ok. Cal shuts the door in Liam’s face before he gets a chance to say anything else. Cal: You brought a boy into my house?! Emily: Ya, it’s my house too Dad. Cal: I’m the grown up. You’re grounded Em. Emily: DADDDDD. You can’t do this. Emily storms through the kitchen, with Cal right behind her. Cal slaps her on the bum. Emily: Dad, what are you doing?!?? Cal: You seem to like switching between boys frequently. To mess with me, I’m sure. Liam, William, Willy….so that’s what you want. A willy. Cal grabs Emily by the wrist. And begins walking to the arm chair. She ... reluctantly follows, partially being pulled there. Cal stops and looks at her. Cal: I’m sorry Em. Emily: For what? Cal: For having to discipline you. Cal pulls down Emily’s pants in a second. Revealing her cute pink underwear. But something about it was different. Cal: A thong? A thong Em, really? Well aren’t you just the little Slut. Emily: No, it’s not like that. Cal pulls Emily to him as he sits down on the couch and bends her over his knee. Cal secretly enjoying himself, after having eyed his daughter for so long since his divorce with her mother. Disciplining her would be a way for him to enjoy himself but not go overboard. Or so he hoped he could keep his wants in check. He admired her cute little butt, before raising his hand and spanking her. This got a reaction from Emily, a painful cry. Emily: Dad, stop it, you’re hurting me. I’m sorry. Cal continues to spank his daughter, watching her butt cheeks jiggle as he slaps them. They began turning a light red. He started to spank her lighter. He was so in his own little world he didn’t notice Emily biting her bottom lip and starting to squirm. Emily was confused. She had never felt this way about being disciplined before. Let alone by her father, even if it was out of the ordinary for him. She could feel herself getting wet, and becoming overwhelmed by these lustful feelings. Her body was betraying her. She was horny. She wanted sex. But her mind was telling her no. It’s her father, that’s wrong. Taboo, gross. Emily: Dad, please ...