1. Dirty Talk

    Date: 10/9/2016, Categories: Straight Sex, Author: blin18, Source: LushStories

    This is a continuation of my previous story: Ingenious Toys . The ‘Kombi’ of course was a VW Transporter, but not one of the 1960’s chartreuse microbuses you might be imagining. The only similarity that it bore to one of those countless hippie/surfer vans circling the country was an airbrush mural on the side; a surfer shooting through a pipeline and running his fingers through the wall of water that threatened to crash down on top of him. Far from being a “fried out Kombi” like in the Men At Work song, this one was a current model van with leather seats, air conditioning, and about a dozen surfboards of all shapes and sizes in the back. I saw that it had only one set of doors and as soon as I worked out that there was no back seat, I called “middle” so that I could sit next to Spike … only to discover that the driver had a separate bucket seat and the twin passenger seat was on the other side of the handbrake. My sexy visions of squashing up against his leg and having his elbow brush my breast every time he changed gear were dashed. Oblivious of my little competitive streak, Rupali had other ideas; she was stage managing this whole affair to culminate in a three-way; and to that end she cuddled up close to me in an effort to establish our girl-on-girl credentials. Sitting so that our legs touched, she unsuccessfully tried to close the split up the leg of her sarong and then, giving up, she placed a slim brown hand on my knee. I saw a momentary flick of Spike’s head and ... knew that he was watching in his peripheral vision, so I parted my legs a few inches and smiled as Rupali’s fingers predictably slithered into the gap. As Spike turned a corner, she slid it further up, bringing my dress along for the ride, and began stroking my inner thigh in a circular motion with the tip of her middle finger, the sexy look of her long, curved, pink nails between my legs giving me a little shiver. Spike wasn’t watching us directly but he was shifting in his seat and adjusting his board shorts a fair bit, so I was pretty sure he knew exactly where Rupali’s hand was and he had also probably figured out where it was headed. When we stopped at a traffic light and Spike was in no danger of crashing the van, I took a big deep breath, puffing out my breasts and then released it again with just a touch of a moan, opening my legs a little wider at the same time. Rupali’s hand worked to the top of my thigh, hiking up my dress even further until her little finger made contact with my crotch, then she flicked it back and forth over my bikini bottom, titillating my pussy lips. It was all for show, of course, and not really getting me hot … well, not very hot … but I loved the effect it was having on Spike as he missed the light turning green and was honked by the car behind. I turned to Rupali as he got the Kombi under way again and gave her a “cool it” look, so she moved her hand back down to my knee but left the dress pulled up to my crotch so that Spike would have ...