1. ATV Fun

    Date: 10/9/2016, Categories: Fantasy, Consensual Sex, Straight Sex, Author: vac21, Source: sexstories.com

    I was surprised when Katie accepted my invitation to go 4 wheeling. As I was unloading the Ranger off the trailer and preparing for the ride I still had my doubts that she was going to show up. I was Just topping off the Fuel when her little KIA soul come easing in beside my Pickup. I walked over and opened the door and held my hand out as she stood. Her hand was a little shaky and I explained the only thing that was going to happen is what she wanted to happen. I admired her form fitting jean shorts and T-shirt. I held her hand as I led her to the passenger side of the Ranger and she place her helmet on and climbed in. I got behind the wheel and proceeded to travel a trail leading off of the main trail. We had traveled about an hour when I hit the first big mud hole. Causing mud and water to come up over the hood coating both of us the surprise on your face was priceless. You shouted to stop and I thinking the fun was done stopped. You looked at me with mud covering your face and said "my turn to drive" We switched spots and proceeded through many mud holes. Putting layer after layer of mud onto both of us. Since I had traveled these areas before I knew of a Man made pond that was clear water and secluded I got you turned down the correct trail and then let you make the discovery. You stopped overlooking the pond about 5 feet below. We exited the ranger and walked to the edge. I wrapped my arms around you and lightly kissed your lips. You respond to my advances, and then ... standing close to the edge I flung us both over the edge falling into the water. You come up spitting and sputtering telling me you could have given me a warning... I I laughingly said "I thought you needed a bath" You laughed back and said "normally you bath without clothes" and with that you threw a ball of something at me. I took me a few moments to realize it was your shorts and as I looked up in surprise I was hit by you T- shirt. As you stood there shoulder deep in the water with a smile on you say “So what’s taking you so long” I quickly shed my clothing and toss both mine and yours to the shore. I swim out to where you are waiting and wrap my arms around you kissing you and allowing my hands to roam over your body. As my hands slide from your shoulder to your breasts, between my touch and the cool water your nipples are rock hard I roll each one around with my finger and thumb lightly pinching causing a moan to escape your lips. I break our embrace and taking your hand I lead you from the pool grabbing our clothes as we go up the bank. I go to the ranger and out of a tote I grab a blanket spreading it out I lay you down in the sun. As our bodies is caressed by the sun my hands proceed to continue where I had left off My hands lightly massage your breasts again as our lips meet. my lips leave yours kissing back to your ear sucking your lobe into my mouth and lightly tugging I kiss your neck working down to your shoulder as I move down your body kissing you so do my hands. ...