1. The Divorcee Blues: part 1

    Date: 10/9/2016, Categories: Fantasy, Exhibitionism, Incest, Plumper, Author: bloedschande, Source: sexstories.com

    Julia Smith got home at 6pm, completely physically and emotionally exhausted. She had just come from her divorce lawyer’s office, where she had finalized her divorce from her cheating husband. She was just lucky she had caught him, and got to keep the house and the kids. Her son and daughter Jake and Kate heard her, and came running out. She said, “Well, it’s official.” Kate said, “We made dinner for you!” They went to the kitchen, and Jake opened a bottle of wine and said, “I think you deserve a drink.” She sat with them and ate, and said, “Thank you so much kids, this means so much to me.” She had a few glasses, and after dinner they went to the living room. She was in a very much better mood, and said, “You know what? We should be celebrating, not moping. Tell you what, Kate, go grab 2 more glasses and another bottle, you kids need to have a drink too.” Their eyes lit up, they had never been allowed to drink before. Kate jumped and ran to get them, then Julia poured for them. They tried it, and both really liked it. Kate said, “It makes me feel all warm inside.” Julia had several more, and got more and more drunk as the night went on. The kids were pretty sloshed too, and they were all laughing and telling stories. Julia toasted, “To never having to see that scumbag again!” They all raised their glasses, then she said, “Oh, I really shouldn’t be trashing him in front of you.” Jake said, “Whatever, anyone who would cheat on you is a scumbag.” She said, “Yeah, he is!” She ... said, “I really gave him all my best years, and he threw it all away. I missed out on my prime, there’s so much I never did, and the whole time he was out living it up with those sluts.” Kate said, “What did you not do mom?” Alcohol had loosened all of their lips, and they were saying things they never would have normally. She said, “I don’t know, I never slept with any other guys but him, I never went out partying with the girls to pick up guys, I never went streaking or skinny dipping, there’s all kinds of fun stuff I missed out on.” Jake said, “Well, you’re free now, it’s not too late.” She scoffed, “Don’t be silly, I’m old and fat now, I can’t do any of that.” He said, “No you’re not, you’re only 32, and you’re definitely not fat, I’d call you curvy, and that’s a good thing.” She said, “Oh, you’re so sweet, but no one’s going to be attracted to me.” He said, “That’s crazy, I am!” He caught himself, and said, “I mean, if you weren’t my mom I mean. There’s plenty of guys that would kill to get with you, believe me.” She giggled, and said, “Jake, you’re wonderful. And you’re right, I shouldn’t have a pity party, I should start living!” Kate said, “Yeah, starting right now mom, do whatever you want, we’re here for you. You should make a bucket list of things you never got to do and start doing them!” Julia said, “That’s a great idea!” Jake said, “Why don’t you start with one tonight?” She was sitting on the couch hugging her knees, still wearing her business outfit, a light ...