1. Interstate Meeting

    Date: 10/10/2016, Categories: Straight Sex, Author: a612662, Source: LushStories

    As I barreled down the interstate, I realized I was fast approaching a point of no return. On one hand I was entering into something I wasn’t sure I was ready for, but on the other hand, I was drawn towards something I had no control over. It started innocently enough, casual conversation on an adult site. We quickly learned that we were both in the same position. We both had a need, a want, a desire to feel something; anything other than the day-to-day feeling of being a friend, instead of being the object of desire by our significant other. I got to town ahead of schedule, checked into the hotel, had a few drinks to settle my nerves and called her. We discussed where and how to meet and get into my room without her being caught. With the details straightened out, I waited patiently for her to arrive. I had seen her in pictures, but those were nothing compared to the sight that stood before me when I opened the door after hearing that light, tentative knock. She was gorgeous, with sparkling eyes; cute smile that showed off her dimples, perky boobs and an ass that took my breath away. We talked for awhile, getting to know each other and just trying to see if this was going to happen or not. I was nervous to say the least. I had never done anything like what I was getting ready to do. I kept asking myself if this was something I was ready to do. The answer came with the first light touch, it was electric! I had to have more. We kissed slow and gentle at first, then as the ... passion built it became a need, not a want, to continue. Mandy had stolen my soul with her kiss and I wanted more. I started kissing her neck and collar, she sighed and started running her fingers through my hair. I felt her tense and relax as I found her secret spot. I cupped her breasts and rubbed them through her shirt. I kissed my way to those gorgeous tits as she pushed my head into them. Mandy arched her back and moaned loudly as I pinched first one then the other nipple in rapid succession. Mandy took over, started to undress and gave me my first view of her supple body. When she took off her bra, her tits stood out proud and begging for attention. I sucked and nibbled on one, then the other. I took turns ravishing her tits until she took charge. She stripped down to just her cute panties and started removing my clothes like a woman on a mission. There she stood at the foot of the bed, very much the image of a goddess. She climbed on top of me, moving slowly towards my cock. She was enjoying every second, kissing her way to my raging cock. Once she got there, it was pure bliss; first, she slowly stroked me and massaged my balls. Then Mandy looked me in the eyes as she slowly sucked my dick into her mouth. It has to be the closest thing to heaven on earth. The suction she created made my toes curl. I gripped the sheets of the bed trying to maintain control. She started alternating between sucking and stroking my dick until I couldn’t take it any longer. She took my entire ...