1. Holiday shopping with a twist

    Date: 10/14/2016, Categories: Fetish, Hardcore, Voyeur, Author: woreout, Source: xHamster

    The weather in Georgia has been extremely warm so far this winter. My wife informed me that she and I would be doing some Christmas shopping Wednesday since I was off work. She loves this time of year, all the excitement and crowds are perfect for her you see I'm a cuckold husband and my beautiful wife is some what of a show off. To get ready to go out she had me shower then meet her in our bed room. She was waiting there wearing her bath robe and told me to stand there naked while she got dressed. She dropped the robe and picked up her white half cup bra, this bra makes beautiful round globes of her thirty four b cup tits. The nipples are just barely covered. Then she starts putting a white lace garter belt on, it is styled like the ones worn in the fourties. She sets on the edge of the bed and starts rolling her suntan colored stockings up her kegs. She asked me to hand her the dress that was folded on her dresser. She pulled it over her head and the hem fell just above her knees. I asked if she forgot her panties ? She said that she wasn't wearing any, that she had planed to do Some shoe shopping and thought she would show her pussy off. Her public area is totally hairless due to being laser treatments. I had a full hard on from watching her. She pointed at it and asked if that was because of her? I said you know seeing your naked body always gets me hard. She went to her knees and took my entire four inches iin her mouth. She gave me a very aggressive blow job for about a ... minute then stood up and said get dressed. I asked what about this , pointing to my throbing dick. She smiled and said its not big enough to cause a problem just tuck it away. As I was getting dressed she was trying on different high hills. When she had a pair she liked she put them on and stood up, she spun around once and asked if she looked OK? I said yes , you look wonderful. She lifted the front of her dress to show me her pussy and said let's go. On the ride to the mall she had her dressed pulled up so the stocking tops shown. After parking I went to her door to help her get out of the car. She spread her legs wide as she got out, then as she stood she asked if I saw her pussy? I said yes. She patted my croitch and said good. We hit every shoe store in the mall. She must have showed her pussy to over twenty salesmen. We stopped into Victoria's Secret, she tried on a few nighties and each time she would walk out far enough for me to see. We saw one of her guy friends in there shopping . My wife asked him who he was buying sexy things for? He said you. My wife giggled and said oh I'm sorry if I spoiled the surprise. She told him to bring that stuff over one day while her husband was at work. He looked at me, I glanced down then looked off in space She took my hand and told me to go out into the mall and wait on her. She said I'll be out there in half an hour. I did as I was told and in what seemed like an hour she met up with me. I was setting by the fountain and I stood ...