1. Baseball Cuckold Ch. 02

    Date: 10/15/2016, Categories: Interracial Sex, Mature, Voyeur, Author: magas911, Source: xHamster

    Timmy's girlfriend submits to his mother's masters! Timmy did not know why the coach or Mr. Smith had it in for him so bad. He knew earlier in the season there was some problems and he had almost been taken off the team; until his parents had a talk with them. Timmy did not realize his mother had had to fuck both men while his humiliated father was f***ed to watch. He did not realize his mother was now their sex slave and had a ring through her left nipple to remind her and her husband of it, or that the two men had plans for his girlfriend, Cindy. The coach knew Timmy had talent, but had held him back from playing in some key games. This newest round of being benched started when the coach and Mr. Smith, his assistant, had seen Timmy's girlfriend Cindy. She was nerdy in a sexy way, glasses, her brown hair always in a bun. But she also had a pretty, innocent face, nice firm, taunt tits that seemed to defy gravity, a long narrow waist and a tight fuckable butt. The two men determined to see if the son, like the father was a potential cuckold. One afternoon Cindy came to see the coach and Smith in their office, the very same office where they had turned out Timmy's mother. &#034Look, please don't tell Timmy I was here but I am worried about him,&#034 she said in that meek little voice of hers as the coach and Smith eyed her up and down drinking in that tight young nerd girl's body. Oh they were going to turn her out, but slowly, ever so slowly. &#034Well, we have to take our ... time with Timmy. He has the talent and all, but...&#034 the coach said pausing, making the young woman tense. &#034But what?&#034 she said letting the worry show in her voice. &#034You have to understand Timmy has the talent but there are issues. His f****y is one. Earlier this season his parent almost cost him his spot on the team by cursing and using racist language. Then the father almost hit me and the coach here,&#034 said Smith. &#034I did not know that. But you can't think that of Timmy,&#034 said his girlfriend. &#034Well we have not seen him do anything, but we have to worry about the future of the sport. Suppose when he makes the big leagues, which with his talents I think he could, suppose he starts with that racist crap, or assaults somebody. I think it is best to rein him back a bit.&#034 &#034But the big games are coming up, the ones where a lot of the scouts will be at. You can't do this to him. Please.&#034 she said pleading, which only aroused both men. &#034Hmmm! You two seem very tight. Going to get married?&#034 she seemed offended at the coach's very personal question but nodded blushing. &#034That is good, maybe you can keep him in line, 'cause as I said he could be one of the great ones. Man the life you two would lead, houses, travel, fame, all yours. Of course could we trust you?&#034 &#034You can,&#034 She told the coach. &#034Well me and Mr. Smith will think about it and will give you our decision later this week, you can stop by my house this Friday. ...