1. The Benefits of Having Bathroom Troubles part 3

    Date: 10/17/2016, Categories: Fetish, Taboo, Voyeur, Author: cumquarts, Source: xHamster

    First of all, I noticed some people disliking part 2, which I can only assume is because they are stuckup cunts that think the stuff they get off on is so much more wholesome. You can use the high horse to go somewhere comfy so you can at that location fuck yourself. Meanwhile, a few of us are going to revel in the wonder of paying highly trained professionals to place their hands upon their genitals. When I went to my dermatologist to have my skin tags removed she had a young, super cute average looking Midwestern chick taking notes for her. 'Alexis is training to be a doctor, do you mind if she observes and takes notes?' Now, I know plenty of folks will read this and go, &#034Yeah right, he wishes...&#034, and I have been known to embellish at times, but no... I had landed right where I wanted to. On this day the ages of the two professionals whose job it was to protect me from cancer and look at my penis were approximately 37 and 19. This chick may have been 20 at best, but you get the picture. The curly dark haired doctor was just fucking super hot, too. As much as with most females I see in public, and more so because of the inaccessibility of beautiful women, my mind went from one lewd and nasty method of providing friction between some part of her body against my penis (whether hard or soft, nothing like a bitch that adores cock in every form including tiny and soft) to another. Dirty straight blonde with dark blues this lil teen was. So, hate all you want faggots, ... but I was wearing my fire engine red with white lace trim victorias secret panties I bought from the thrift store. I had been told to get naked and put on my gown. I figured everything but the spandex girls underwear was pretty close, wouldn't you? Neither batted an eye when they first saw my tent, urgent to erupt, first come into view... The younger one spent the most time staring. There is nothing hotter than some cute chick checking out your package area with her peripheral vision and trying to conceal her interest. They break the gaze with the thing they are pretending to focus on two or three times in a row to look at your groin and that shit is a dead giveaway. It makes my cock twitch lewdly. The older one was also affected but you have to remember this was also her second opportunity to get to see my pervy dadcock. The first time I had no panties. The first time I thought she was going to hunt for those lumps forever. Funny thing about all this is I really do have lumps and erectile dysfunction and all that. My medical needs that prompt these awkward sexual encounters are totally legit. Ive got one tiny lump at the perfect spot under my glans also. When its a few inches from their face with their hands on it, I am pretty much in heaven. Imagine one of these beauties making eye contact with with you while probing your twitching erection in their hands. Make no mistake, none have shown any excitement so far. Maybe it is there... I'd like to think at least one doc or nurse ...