1. Resort Bar Lesbian Affair

    Date: 10/18/2016, Categories: Lesbian Sex, Mature, Voyeur, Author: captjim51, Source: xHamster

    Hi, I’m Kathy, last year my husband Phil and I bought the business of our dreams, a lakefront resort and bar in Southern Wisconsin. My husband used to be a wrestler in college and he still had a body builder’s physique that any women would die for. But frankly, I was becoming bored with him, he just had no class. I had been a bodybuilder also and am still a large, but very muscular woman in her forties. I still love sex with my husband, but often I think back to my college years when I had quite a few lesbian women were drawn to a very physically fit woman like me. If they were sexy, athletic and pretty I usually obliged them, no bull dykes for me. The resort and bar were not doing well, so when our friends Steve and his wife Susan offered to rent one of the cottages while there house was being built, we jumped at the chance. I was a little worried about Susan, because a lot young raunchy boaters frequented our bar and Susan although attractive was kind of shy. I was worried that with her husband away on business trips a lot of the time, a middle aged housewife with a bar full of young studs around might make a bored married woman stray. Hell, sometimes even I wanted Susan, she was absolutely beautiful, her petite figure, long brunette hair and a movie star face. She drew stares wherever she went. Secretly, I lusted after this little beauty in her skimpy shear white bikini. You could see her well defined nipples through the fabric of her bikini and the outline of her pussy ... through her bikini bottom. Like I said, things were not going well and the resort and we were in financial trouble. We needed something to draw in the young boater crowd. One day I had a great idea!!! Why not spice up the place with some scantily clad young waitress/barmaids to tease the younger boater crowd we desperately needed to keep our business. I knew Susan was a typical bored housewife and would go for it. I asked two other of my friends Sasha and Sandy, if they would be willing &#034spice up&#034 the atmosphere in our bar by waitressing in shorts and very small bikini’s. Susan agreed immediately. Sasha a recent Russian émigré who was looking for an American husband jumped at the chance. Sash would have no problem catching a husband this summer. She was a six foot tall, blond Scandinavian beauty with a great body and an outgoing friendly personality. My friend Sandy I swore was gay, had short dark hair and a nice big pair of boobs that would make any man salivate. If things worked out maybe by the end of summer I might even decide to go back to my old lesbian ways with her. Well the first weekend was a smash. Word spread around the lake that there were new “hot” waitresses at our resort. My girls were in full makeup, wearing the skimpiest shorts they could find, small bikinis and sexy white gym shoes and socks that accented there gorgeous tan young bodies. The bar was packed with young guys ogling my three honies even if two of us were in our forties. I observed that ...