1. The Sex Birthday Weekend: Quickie Girl Part 6

    Date: 10/19/2016, Categories: Voyeur, Author: uncutwild44, Source: xHamster

    This story actually falls in shortly after the original &#034wanna come over for a quickie&#034 story. It was her birthday and we had decided to go out of town for the weekend. We had a couple of my buddies that were going to meet us on Saturday, but Friday night would be just us. We got a two bedroom motel room, fire place in one side, just bedroom in the other. It was separated by the bathroom and just a flimsy sliding door, not much privacy between rooms, but it worked. The whole two hour ride over, we both knew we were mainly just going to fuck. I actually thought about pulling over and fucking her a couple of times, but I held out. So we went out to a nice dinner, blah, blah, blah, then back to the hotel. I don't remember much of the details about that night, other than I fucked the shit out of her, then slept naked. The next morning, we showered together, she soaped me down and washed every inch of my body, especially my cock. It was pretty erotic, so we fucked again. But now! On to the hot part of the story. So like I said, the room was split, my buddies were sharing one bed and we had the other. Well the ac was on our side of the room. My buddy kept bitching that he was hot and wouldn't go to bed. finally, my girl was like look, we are wanting to mess around, go to bed. My buddy was like no, yall switch rooms with us, then you can. Well the other bed was smaller, no fire place, she didn't want to. At this point mind you, I could have cared less, I just wanted to get ... my dick in her. But anyway, they argued back and fourth and finally she was like look, I'm gonna just start sucking his dick if you don't leave, thinking he wouldn't call her bluff. Well, obviously, she didn't know him as well as I did, so he said go for it! Well to my surprise, she flops my cock out and starts sucking it right there in front of him! Well after about three minutes, she figured out he obviously didn't care, and she obviously wanted my cock in her pussy as bad as I did so she put my cock up and agreed to swap rooms with them. Now keep in mind, I said this room had a flimsy sliding door, so I was pretty sure they would here us. But I didn't realize at the times that the way the mirror's in each room lined up, they would also watch us! I didn't find that out until much later on it life though! So anyway, we get in bed and quickly get naked. I had a feeling this might be one of the last times we had sex, so I wanted to make it special. I didn't just want to fuck, I wanted to make love to her. So I started at her lips and slowly kissed her from head to toe, she had pretty big nipples and I sucked each one until they were hard as a rock. Then I moved down to focus on her pussy. She had shaved it bald for the weekend and I loved it. I licked and licked and licked until she came in my mouth. Before she could catch her breath I got on top of her and put cock in her. I know my buddies next door heard her because I think the people in the room next door did. I had her ...