1. Life Gets Better Part 3: Night Out With The Girls

    Date: 10/22/2016, Categories: Voyeur, Author: Shadowforce1, Source: LushStories

    "You're so lucky," one of Brian's friends said to him as they sat drinking a beer at their local bar. "Well I don't feel lucky," Brian said taking another sip of his beer. He had just gotten fired. He knew it was coming. After all the things that had been happening in his life, he was aware that it was in the cards. "Yeah, about that," the friend said. "Sorry." "I don't blame you at all," Brian shrugged. "In fact, I am glad you got the promotion." "Thanks," the friend said bowing his head. "What are you going to do now?" Brian took a deep breath then took another long swig of his beer. "I doubt I will be drinking beer with you guys anytime soon," he smiled. "Doubt I will be able to pay for my car." "The beer is on us," the friend said patting his other friend on the shoulder. "What?" the friend said taking his eyes off his phone. "Yeah, sure we got you," he shook his head as he looked at the picture on his phone. "You seriously live in the same apartment as this woman?" Brian looked over at the picture on his former coworker's phone. "Yeah, that's my roommate," he smiled. "Without her, I wouldn't have a place to stay." "You have to introduce us," the second friend said. "I have always wanted to meet a model." "She is just a human being," Brian shrugged. "A sexy one at that," the first friend said. Now they were both looking at the photo app on their phones. Amanda had started posting pictures of herself on her social media photo page. Within the first week, she had over ... five thousand followers. Now just over a month later the number had gone through the roof. Which was good for Amanda. Due to her recent popularity, there had been a lot more magazines and modeling agencies calling and emailing her to book appointments. "Well I will leave you guys to your phones," Brian said. He finished the last of his beer then walked out onto the streets. He drove slowly home thinking of what he was going to say. Things had gone from bad to worse for Brian in the past three months. Amanda had taken over most of the bills as well as all of the rent. Brian's paycheck had dwindled every month as his boss gave him fewer hours each week. Sometimes even sending him home early in the day. Scarlett was still not talking to him, even going as far as blocking him on many of the social websites. Brian knew that their friendship was finally over. The strange thing was he didn't blame her. It was bound to happen. Stacy was still on an extended vacation with her now husband; they had finally remarried. She had taken a picture of a letter that they both had signed stating that Brian would always be the second man. Brian thought he would be more of a third wheel. He took a deep sigh as he pushed his key into the door. The door slowly opened, and he walked into the apartment. "Call you back, my roommate just walked in," Amanda said putting down her cell phone as Brian walked towards the couch. Amanda was on her treadmill that was in the far corner of the room. Her long black ...