1. Faceless-Chapter 1

    Date: 10/23/2016, Categories: Voyeur, Author: SweetestSins, Source: LushStories

    Breathing… echoing, quick, shallow breaths… but they weren’t my own. A desperate whimper, a feral moan, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh. I had one foot bordering on the darkest depths of dreaming, and the other standing right on concrete reality. The only problem was, I wasn’t certain what was real and what was fantasy anymore. “Take my cock, you bitch!” “ Oooooh, fuck! ” His voice. That deep, hoarse tone always made my cheeks flush in heat. From the first moment I heard him speak, it was as if my ears had fallen in love. Even then, I wasn’t sure if my eyes fell for him first; surely it was a combination of the two. “You like being fucked like a whore, don’t you?” “Yes! Fuck the shit out of me with your big fat cock!” Their voices were losing reverb, as I slowly eased out of a deep sleep, and opened my eyes. The blonde was on all fours on the edge of the bed, submitting to the Alpha who took her from behind, using her body strictly for his own self-indulgent pleasure. He clutched her heart shaped bottom and rammed her with every powerful thrust, unrelenting, and unmerciful, making her breasts jiggle from impact. Everything was moving in slow motion for me. It was the effect of the drugs that were still coursing through my system. I wanted to get up, but my body felt like a ton of bricks. Unlike the naked pair, I was still fully clothed; dressed in a mini skirt that was acid washed denim, and a white halter top. “You’re such a good whore… such a good fucking ... whore…” This is the part where the audience shakes their head in disgust, or mouths drop in shock, or some may even find the whole scene arousing and wish they were participating. However the reaction, I was desensitized to it. I knew Jay Conway inside out. The man I loved was not a supernatural being. He was a tormented soul with unnatural desires. Though in moments like this, I could have sworn he became more animal than human. Jay had a constant need for consumption. I don’t mean food. This man hungered for things I couldn’t give him. I couldn’t shape shift and turn myself into a new lover every night. I couldn’t clone myself. I couldn’t handle his brutal ways in the bedroom. All I could give him… was freedom. Complete and unrestricted freedom. Had he cheated on me? Was this my desperate attempt to keep him? No, and no. I was beautiful, confident, and intelligent. I could have had any guy I wanted. But I wanted him. If I evaluate my feelings for him from a shallow perspective, Jay was the most devastatingly handsome man alive. His body was too perfect for descriptions. How could I possibly explain the extent of his attractiveness? No figurative comparison would do him justice. His allure was not only subjective to me, every woman desired him, and if not a woman, then every bisexual or gay man. I watched all six foot two inches of him slam into the woman on our bed. He was completely in his element, in tune with the entire experience. But he caught me staring. I could see him, ...