1. A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure

    Date: 10/23/2016, Categories: Fantasy, Straight Sex, First Time, Teen, Teen, Voyeur, Author: mrsterygor, Source: sexstories.com

    I loved Saturdays. They were easily my favorite day of the week. There was something so great about them. Yeah, having no classes was nice. Yeah, the beer was great. Yeah, the football was pretty awesome. But my favorite thing about Saturdays was the cheerleaders. College cheerleaders. While I had a hardon for most cheerleaders from most of the nation's schools, the cheerleaders from my own school, Rasington University, were the sexiest of them all. Those firm breasts, those short skirts, those big asses. They were perfect. Our colors were gold and blue. Rasington's mascot was the Roosters. Naturally, most of the guys from our student body referred to the mascot as a cock. The uniforms consisted of a bright white top with a gold rooster in the center of it, gold bows, and a dark blue skirt. The skirts were really short, and they barely covered their light blue bloomers. None of the cheerleaders liked wearing the cheer sweats. It didn't matter what month it was or what the temperature was or what the weather was like. They were really horny, and they liked showing off as much skin as they legally could. My interest in cheerleaders developed rather quickly. I was a film student, and I liked to film a wide variety of things. My interest in film and my work on short films eventually led me to become the cameraman for my school's football team. My job was to film the games and hand them over to the head coach to be analyzed. Unbeknownst to the school, I actually had two cameras. ... The DSLR that I used to film the games and the miniature camera that I used to film the cheerleaders. I kept the second camera hidden under a small curtain on the camera stand. Throughout the year, I created a collection of all the games, halftime shows, and anything that the cheerleaders did on Saturdays. On gamedays, I arrived about one hour ahead of the game's start time to set up my equipment. As I set up the equipment, I would take my time to watch the cheerleaders stretch, tumble, and go through their usual routines in their very skimpy uniforms. Yep. College cheerleaders made me horny. And no cheerleader turned me on more than Becca. Becca had the perfect double D's. Her legs were long, and her tan was natural. She was a real blonde with dazzling brown eyes. Her ass was so big and so round that her cheeks typically hung out of whatever she was wearing. And I knew for a fact that she didn't wear anything under her cheer panties. There was something so dirty about seeing Becca raise her leg and seeing the outline of the lips that were concealed under those light blue bloomers. I always gratified myself after the games were over, and Becca was almost always the object of my self-gratification. On several occasions, I thought about walking up to Becca and asking her out. However, I never had the nerve to do it. Talking to women was never really my specialty. I was also pretty bad at lying. Even if I was able to talk to Becca, I would more than likely have to tell her why I ...