1. Beer run 2

    Date: 10/26/2016, Categories: Fetish, Interracial Sex, Voyeur, Author: mitchell83, Source: xHamster

    So I get home at 3 yesterday after being at a bike show. I was texted an hour ago and asked to bring home beer by my wife Yvonne who only drinks wine. While I was in the store getting beer I got a pic sent to my phone of the top of her head and a big thick black cock in her mouth. I think think it must be Wayne her favourite stud has dropped by for an unannounced visit. I am excited. I get in the door and there is a huge pair of shoes at the door i can hear her giggles and deep throated groans, I put the beer in the fridge and quietly sneak upstairs. Our bedroom door is open so I peek in and she is riding him with her back to me she is oblivious to me but Wayne sees me and gives me a wink and a nod. Wayne is one of the few lovers who gets the &#034bareback pass&#034 and is definitely a favourite. Wayne is 6'3&#034 she is 5'1&#034 and he can throw her around easily, he flips around and starts giving it to her doggy style she is still unaware of my presence and her little legs are kicking the mattress in ecstasy I watch for a bit then he throws her on her back to finish missionary she then sees me at the door and smiles at me. I leave them to finish as I know she gets off better with privacy and wait downstairs. She bought Wayne a housecoat for Xmas we keep here as mine are to small and he comes downstairs wearing it and I fetch him a beer and we watch the ball game.After a quick shower she joins us and I notice she has put her collar back on and is wearing her sheerest, ... shortest nightie so I can guess there will be another round before Wayne goes home. Wayne and I are sitting beside each other on the sofa as the ballgame wraps up two hours later and she kneels if front of him uncovers his dick and starts giving him head, his dick is at least ten inches long and very thick and while she can swallow mine whole she can only get half of his in her mouth and I am getting turned on. She looks over at me spit running off her chin and suggests I go buy a steak for Wayne as we only have two I guess I feeding him as well so I warm up the BBQ she is still giving him head as I leave for the butcher shop. I am back in fifteen and they are back upstairs I can assume he will have an appetite from plowing Yvonne all afternoon so I start cooking he comes downstairs but she is exhausted and naps while us guys eat our steaks. He tells me he has just started his holidays and isn't planning to go anywhere out of town so he will probably be around a lot in the next two weeks, Wayne has had a few beers by now and he is a twenty five minute drive from home and won't drink and drive so I'm guessing he is staying over which means I will be sl**ping in the guest room. That is the deal when she has overnight guests. I am on afternoon shift and am likely making breakfast for everyone as well. As I lie in bed in the guest room watching TV I can hear round three going on in our marital bed as they have both had plenty to drink I can expect it to go on for a while. She calls my ...