1. Dilemma 5

    Date: 11/1/2016, Categories: True Story, Cheating, Cum Swallowing, Straight Sex, Job / Office Sex, Straight Sex, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Author: ohbegentle, Source: sexstories.com

    bag, that, he will return to hardness quickly. Tracey followed instructions and Mr Penis obliged being angry, throbbing and hard again, much to Tracey's delight. I picked her up and aggressively, tossed her onto one of the single beds, she attempted a playful struggle, whilst I maneuvered above her, between her legs, kissing her lips, neck and breasts - Tracey loved this. Mr Penis was raging and pulsating at his prey below. We looked into each others eyes, I kissed her one more time, and began lowering Mr Penis towards her awaiting, primed, succulent cunt, I'm sure it was winking, but what a lovely sight. The heat radiating from her body was immense, Tracey trying to pull me down quicker, her legs spreading to take my full impact. Mr penis waited at the opening of her juicy cunt. I teased her a little, little probes, anger was in her eyes,(you fucker, fuck me), I then thrust in slowly, an inch or two, then out, she moaned, then two or three inches, yes, movement from her hips. Mr Penis was sliding smoothly, beautifully. Another 4 or 5 rapid three inch thrusts, to which her body shook, oh yes. Then out of the blue, I thrust her cunt as hard as I could, impaling her as far as Mr Penis would enter. Taken by ...
    surprise, Tracey yelled, "Oh Fuck", her body shaking, her legs trembling,she came instantly, sweet nectar oozing past my cock. I then commenced to fuck her sweet cunt rapidly, in and out, wondrous slapping sounds, skin against skin, to which she responded in rhythm,with her hips bucking in unison with my thrusts. The excitement was overwhelming, we could sense each others vulnerability, my ball bag was full, her cup was about to run over, we both thrust, our last energies expended. Gasping for air, our bodies shaking, we entwined, our sweat clinging to each other, our energies were spent, my cum with her cum in her sizzling womb. I lay beside her - relaxed, we kissed lightly. Then I realize where I am, we are ! .... Oh Shit ! .... Look at the time!... Tracey was okay, she was her own boss this afternoon, but I was 15 mins late from my break, I hurry and dress, kiss Tracey and quickly return to the ward where I work. Phew ! Nobody missed me, the boss, hadn't returned yet either. My shift finishes at 2200 hrs, I get home by 2300 hrs. Krystal is asleep, looks so peaceful, I slide into bed after a shower, she doesn't stir, I cannot get to sleep, my mind is racing. Guilty. Dilemma. What have I done. What will tomorrow bring ?