1. She Reveals Her True Self.

    Date: 6/20/2016, Categories: First Time, Masturbation, Author: irish74bob, Source: xHamster

    was on the pill. About an hour later she shocked me even more. She suddenly said, &#034Will you go out with me and buy a vibrator for me to use on myself&#034? I remember responding, &#034Is my cock not ok&#034? She said, &#034Of it is but you and theothers are not always around when I need cock&#034. bl**dy hell, my girl is fucking with other guys. We went into a very lengthy discussion about this, but I have to admit it was very mature. She confessed that she needed others for sex, but was totally insistent that it was me she loved. Sex with others was just sexual gratification, an act to satisfy her lusts. We talked and talked and the more we talked the more I loved her for her honesty. But as well as that I was excited to have a girl like this that I could love and not be afraid to share. After a couple of years we decided that we would get married. We would wait for a couple of years to save up the money needed to start life together. This will be where I continue from in my next true account. I think it gets even better, but I will be interested to hear from the readers as to what they think. By the way, she is approving what is being written. We both trust each other immensely.