1. My wife on the porch part twenty six

    Date: 11/16/2016, Categories: Cuckold, Author: kingdick99, Source: LushStories

    cum from her legs and moved to her pussy, his cum was flooding out. Feverishly I licked and licked, I had to keep swallowing as there was so much of it. It took me over twenty minutes to finish my task and finally I believed that I had finished. Sara took a Kleenex and dried her pussy and then she placed another over her pussy lips and we waited. One minute later she pulled the Kleenex away and we looked. There was a large wet spot and she smiled to me. “Oh dear, my cuck husband is not very good at this is he?” Sara whispered. I smiled and said, “I guess not, he is going to need a lot more practice.” Sara whispered, “You know what this means don’t you?” “I do baby, indeed I do,” I smiled as I whispered back. Sara kissed me deeply and ran to the shower; three minutes later she came back into the bedroom and said that she needed to go back downstairs to Joe who was waiting for her. She asked me to rejoin them after waiting five minutes; she wanted me to show Joe that I was okay with her being undressed in front of him. Five minutes later I started my walk down stairs and I could hear them talking in the dining room. I walked in and Sara was ...
    wearing just the completely transparent camisole thing that she wore on top of her bikini. Every hair on her body was clearly visible through her camisole, it was that see through. She was standing by the fireplace and Joe was sitting at the dining table. The see through camisole was so transparent it was like she was standing there naked. Joe looked at me and I said, “Have you guys had fun?” “Yes we had a lot of fun baby,” Sara smiled, “a lot of fun, Joe’s hands are even more exciting that Pat’s.” Joe looked a little embarrassed and Sara walked over to him and kissed him in front of me. “Oh you had that kind of fun,” I smiled and winked to Joe. “Yes baby we did,” Sara smiled as she sat on Joe’s lap, “all I will say is that it is not just Joe’s hands that are big!” I laughed and gave Joe a high five to ease his embarrassment and said, “And I missed the fun, dang, I was working, I’m sorry.” “Baby, we had a great time,” Sara smiled as she kissed Joe again, “Joe is coming over on Saturday for dinner and he may stay the night.” I smiled and said, "Oh, cool, that will be fun.” “Oh believe me it will be a lot of fun!” Sara replied in her sexy voice.