1. Doublecrossed

    Date: 6/6/2016, Categories: Cuckold, Author: mattmoreau, Source: LushStories

    "Are you sure you're okay with this, Mickey," said Rona. She was watching my eyes very carefully. "I mean if . . ." "I think so," I said. "But, I'm still concerned about it affecting our marriage." "Baby, that is the one thing that you do not have to worry about at all. If anything it will add sugar and spice to it, not the other way 'round," she said. ****** For the record, I'm Mickey Iverson. I work for Stanley Construction. I'm a site foreman. The work is hard some days, but the pay is very good. My wife is a tech at a local clinic. She's the lab person that messes with your blood. Good job she has too. Between the two of us we do right well economically. Rona and I have been married for nineteen years. I'm forty-five to her forty-one. No kids, she had an accident in high school and pretty much wiped out her female plumbing. But, we have a mess of nieces and nephews, and we fawn on them. Our love life up till the telling of this story had been great. Well, that's my opinion; others might beg to disagree based on the evidence now available. ****** My wife had laid it on me the week before last that she was concerned about the deterioration of our sex life. She was right of course things had gotten stale. And, bearing in mind how hot to trot we’d been early on in the marriage; well, one had to wonder. At any rate, after some time thinking it all over, she approached me. We'd considered a number of alternatives to fix our flagging libidos, but had come up nil. But then, ... apparently out of the blue, she'd brought up an old fantasy of mine: watching her get it from another man, surreptitiously. "I don't think so, babe, too risky. Something like that could mess up our marriage bad," I said. "Mickey, I'm nervous too. Neither of us has ever been in a situation like this, and maybe it won't work out; but we should try it at least once; dontcha think," she said. I didn't like it, but we decided to sleep on it and talk again. It was true that watching another man do her had long been a fantasy of mine, kind of a common one I knew; but I had never been keen on actually living it out. For the very good reason that the very thought of actually doing it, let alone the reality of it, was frightening. At any rate, we'd discussed it, chewed on it, digested it, and finally, at her very pushy urging, decided to give it a go. There had been just two stipulations. One, if either of us felt uncomfortable with the situation that it, the fantasy, would suffer a quick and unmourned demise. And two, that it, again the fantasy, would not be allowed in any way shape or form to impact our own love making except in positive ways. Howard Tyler would be here in twenty minutes. Tonight was the night. "How are you feeling, honey?" she said. "Okay. Nervous as hell, but okay," I said. She nodded, gave me a peck on the cheek, and pushed me into the closet, locking it from the outside. The lock was to keep Howie baby out not me in. I could easily get out by breaking the mirror. My ...