1. 50 Shades of Asian: Part 1

    Date: 6/6/2016, Categories: BDSM, Hardcore, Author: LoveForTaya, Source: xHamster

    Author’s Note: Last year, I searched online for an erotic pen pal. Jackpot! A married, young Asian hottie in Colorado replied to me: ”Any interest in being a Christian Grey in a hot, kinky online email-only role play fantasy?” Yes! What follows is an absolutely real exchange between me and this pretty, slender, long-haired beauty. It’s in multiple parts.Me: I must say that the thrill is building. I really want to please you. I need to feel you out. Determine our parameters.Taya: I am actually married, an Asian, and I go by my traditional middle name: Taya. Not sure who to tell you I look like. I have raven black hair, in long ringlets nearly to my shoulders. Tiny, slender body, small breasts, long slim legs. Narrow face, instead of the nearly round face that is more typical of the Asian culture. I have read the 50 shades books, and I love the fantasy of being so attractive and alluring that the most wealthy and powerful man on earth just has to possess me! I love the 'play room' where there is every manner of apparatus to inflict on a submissive woman.Me: Taya, I am completely onboard with you. You are, in fact, the fantasy girl I've been looking for. Now, as for our fantasy… When you walk into my office for an interview for my assistant position, my heart starts beating and I begin to shake. It's a feeling I get only once every year or two, when I see a girl so dreamy and so right for me--or so right for my needs--that in my mind I want to say please marry me. &#034Hi,&#034 ... I say. &#034I'm Dave.&#034 &#034Taya.&#034 I talk with you for 10 minutes, but in my mind our voices sound like the parents of Peanuts characters. My mind feverishly conjurs up a devious plan. &#034Taya, I like your qualifications, and I want to make you an unorthodox proposal.&#034 &#034Oh, okay.&#034 &#034I'd like you to work Monday through Friday as Assistant Project Manager, which pays $36,000 a year. And I'd like you to come on Saturdays as my personal assistant. That also pays $36,000 a year.&#034 I look deeply into your eyes, trying to gauge your reaction while simultaneously making my intention clearly known to you. You turn your gaze to my very comfortable-looking couch. &#034How often do I have to work on Saturdays?&#034 &#034One or two hours.&#034 &#034Will I be working with my clothes on or off?&#034 &#034Mostly off.&#034 &#034Fuck the weekday job--I can make more than that elsewhere. But I'll take the Saturday job.&#034 My heart pounds mercilessly, and I struggle for breath. It's going to be me and you, Taya, fulfilling our fantasies together.Taya: Saturday I am told to report to your penthouse condo. You give me the parking code so I can park in the underground parking, and the elevator code that goes directly to the top floor and opens directly in your condo. I am wearing a very short cocktail dress, high heels, and black stockings that show a bit of the tops under my skirt. Where you going dressed like that, my unsuspecting husband had asked me when he saw me ...